Coronavirus update and US elections

First, apologies for being silent all these months, we had to take care of our main business, which got hit by Corona as well, but now that things are normalized, we can dedicate more time to this blog.

Where do we start? So many things happened during the summer, 2020 is really getting wild. As we predicted, with the coming cold months, Monkey and Rooster, we will see Coronavirus gaining strength again, and that’s exactly what happened, so we are definitely not out of the woods yet, especially knowing that we still have to enter winter months, with Rat as a peak.

US elections are dominating headlines; it’s a clash of the century, with no side pulling punches. Society is more divided than ever, and this probably won’t be resolved anytime soon. 

Trump is experiencing a lot of problems this year; we already wrote about that. I still believe that he will come out victorious, but it will be a very tight race. Trump is controversial and highly unpredictable, but I really don’t see Biden capable of running a country. His mental agility is visibly declining. Dems don’t have a good enough candidate to face Trump, so it will be totally on them if they experience defeat.

Stay safe everybody, 2020 is a year where the world will experience massive turbulences, and nothing will be the same once we are out of this centrifuge. Stay positive, eat healthy, exercise, and avoid mainstream news; they are designed to divide and bring chaos to society, that is their business model. With this left vs. right war, they stumbled on their golden goose and will milk it as long they can. 

As individuals, we have an obligation to rise above these petty fights and try to bring calm around us. We are in a fragile situation, where even a civil war in the USA is on the table. Such an event would destabilize the entire world. I really hope it will not come to that, but we all have to do our part and stop adding more fuel to this raging fire.

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