Monthly update: June 2020 – Special Alert!

Coronavirus update

As we predicted in our exclusive Coronavirus updates, in March, April and May, the Snake month did slow the virus down. Fire Element was able to dampen the excessive Water coming from the Metal Rat year, which was the main driving force behind this virus.

But as we see from the news, our troubles are far from over. We are only a few days away from a crucial point this year, the Horse vs. Rat clash in June, and in the USA we got massive riots, which will not go away that easily, as far we can see.

Rat vs. Horse clash is one of the most violent confrontations because it represents a conflict between two extremes, Water and Fire, which means that we can expect a lot of instability.

The virus threat might slow down during the summer months, but we will see a lot more other health issues, mostly related to the heart, which is governed by the Fire energy.

If you have a Horse or Rat in your Blueprint, please be extra careful, observe your emotions, and relax a lot. If you don’t know how you can join our free weekend sessions.

Critical dates during the Horse month

Especially dangerous will be on Horse days during the Horse month. Here are the exact dates:
8th June
20th June
2nd July
On those days you should take it easy, relax a lot, eat healthily, and avoid conflicting, dangerous situations.

Rat days could also be challenging:
14th June
26th June

USA, riots and Trump

So far, 2020 has been wild, but I’m expecting to get even worse in the second part. The situation in the USA is boiling and will get pretty crazy, the closer we get to presidential elections in November. The USA is the leading world country, so whatever is happening there, it has a significant impact on the rest of the world.

President Trump is under immense pressure; his Wood Horse month pillar is under attack by this year’s Metal Rat, which means his political influence will be challenged. There are massive forces gathering, unlike anything we have seen before, at least in our lifetime, trying to remove him from the office. These forces will stop at nothing; they are ready to scorch the earth just to see him go. Trump’s supporters won’t watch that from sidelines, though; they will engage; that’s why this situation is hazardous at the moment.

Whatever happens in November, one thing is sure, neither side will accept defeat peacefully, which could lead even to some kind of civil war, or at least significant unrest and rioting, which will culminate in December, during the Rat month. After that, we might see things settling and people coming back to their senses, from both sides, realizing how far they let the whole thing go.

The situation is changing rapidly every week; we are entering a warp speed of human development; therefore, one has to be strong mentally and physically to survive these challenging times. 

The best way to deal with this situation is to read less news, avoid toxic, hysterical people, and work on yourself by eating nutritious, fresh food, exercising, and relaxing a lot.

This year is bringing a significant shift in energy, which also brings a lot of opportunities, to those who are ready to take them. Our consciousness will experience an upgrade, and once it’s all over, we will see things in a different way, more clearly. The world will never be the same. This is all a preparation for a big shift which will happen in 2023/2024. We wrote more about that here.

If you need help during this process, we are always here for you on the weekends.

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