2021 – The year of Metal Ox

We are slowly grinding the last days of this very challenging Metal Rat year, which will be embedded in our memory forever, and it will have a special place in the history books. Between pandemic, lockdowns, economic downturn, and a wild political situation in the US, it was hard not to be aware of something special happening to all of us.

I consider the Metal Rat year the first act of an unfolding drama. The second act will start with the Metal Ox, on 4th February.

The Metal Ox consists of a Yin Metal stem and an Ox branch. The Ox branch consists of frozen Yin Earth, hidden Yin Metal, and weak Yin Water. The hidden Yin Metal is lured out by a Yin Metal stem, which tells us that Yin Metal energy will be powerful and influential during the Ox year.

Yin Metal represents sharp objects, such as needles and vaccines; therefore, next year, we can expect an emphasis in that area, and we can already see it coming.

Yin Metal also represents law enforcement energy; we might expect more police and military presence. We already got a taste of it in Washington on Biden’s inauguration day, featuring an unprecedented amount of military force, for no good reason except for making a statement. What kind of statement? Well, we shall see that later in the year, the masks are now off, on both sides, and nobody is hiding their agendas anymore.

The problems that surfaced in 2020 are not resolved at all. The pandemic is still there; the economic situation is still challenging. Governments are fighting it by printing money, resulting in inflation, which will hit us in years to come.

The political situation in America is still tense. After the climax in January, we can expect further tension between the left and right political base. The Democrats are taking a terrible approach of canceling, censoring, and punishing Trump supporters, which won’t end well. The conservatives are usually not aggressive, just noisy on social media, but they will react with brutal force if pushed too hard. It would be smart for the Democrats to cool down, but I doubt they will, so further conflicts are almost inevitable.

They are pretty much in the “unstoppable force meeting the immovable object” scenario.

The Yin Metal on top of the Ox is an essential part of the analysis. The Yin Wood Master Element clashes with Yin Metal. This might result in issues with authorities and legal matters.

Yang Fire Master Elements welcome Yin Metal because they can merge with it, and if conditions are right, they might even produce the Water Element. If your chart needs Water, this is a perfect combination. To Yang Fire, Yin Metal represents wealth, while Water represents power and influence.

The Ox will clash with the Goat and harm the Horse, so you have to be especially careful next year if you have any of the two.

The Ox vs. Goat clash is essentially a clash between hidden Yin Metal and hidden Yin Wood. Depending on the overall strength, one of them will be on a losing side, and one of them will be on the winning side. The result of this clash will depend on your Master Element and the strength of your overall chart.

The Ox vs. Horse harm represents a complex situation where Yin Fire attacks Yin Metal, while Yin Water counterattacks Yin Fire. It can create messy situations, depending on the overall structure of the chart.

Ox combines with Snake and Rooster, creating a Metal structure. If you have any of those two branches and need the Metal Element, you can expect a favorable year.

The Metal Ox represents a continuation of cold Qi; therefore, I consider this just a follow up after a miserable and cold Metal Rat year.

Once we enter the Water Tiger year, in 2022, which represents growth, we can expect a brighter outlook and fast recovery, but until then, we have to preserve our energy and deal with whatever challenge this year throws at us.

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