Summary of the first Talent Hero Live: Beyond Survival

Talent Hero Live is not only a free online service but a showcase of the variety of Talent Hero tools for self-discovery, element balancing, and life design. If you missed our first Talent Hero Live last weekend, don’t worry, we are running another free workshop this weekend! Please find time zones, link to download the Zoom app, and more info here.

Beyond Survival was created to provide a service for people dealing with increased stress, uncertain futures with business or work, relationship problems, or health issues. However, many are also using this time to look at their potential, invest in self-discovery, develop new skills or businesses, and get in shape energetically to fast track to a brighter future.

The small group session, limited to 15 guests, allowed everyone to ask questions such as how energy works, the connection between the organs and the Five Elements, the meridian system and how energy moves, aspects of their charts, and how to change destiny.

We open every session with a beautiful energy balancing relaxation, lead by Gwen Sonderborg. The difference between being guided to relax or trying to meditate alone is profound, and we highly recommend that you experience this inner engineering for yourself. Our Workshop guests were astonished and happy with the results of our simple relaxation method. As with any training – practice makes perfect, and results accumulate, so the more time you spend learning to relax – the better results you can expect.

For those who would like to relax daily with us, you can purchase a package of sessions.

During the last session, there was an opportunity to ask questions about the relaxation, how it works, and how this can help smooth your chart and balance your elements to achieve better life results.

One of our Asian guests expressed appreciation for the clarity of explanations in Talent Hero. Although this knowledge stems from Ancient Chinese texts, even native Chinese speakers find it difficult to follow them, and they turn to Talent Hero for clarity! We are very grateful for such feedback; it means that we are on the right track.

It was also something of a revelation to some that energy and the BaZi charts are so connected! Some of our guests already worked with Five Elements and were keen to discover how their work could be benefited from a more in-depth knowledge and inner-standing.

We discussed topics from the charts, such as the interplay of the importance of time of birth in your chart, the interplay of Fire and Water Master Elements, the clash between Horse and Rat this year, and more detail on the 20-year dynamic periods. Then we had a look at the year 2020, in terms of Elements and the connection with what is playing out in the world right now and particularly, how it is affecting our health situation.

In these sessions, you will have a chance to interact with Jonny, our Bazi expert, and the Founder of Talent Hero, so make sure you have your chart and any questions ready.
It’s great to get a chart done before you attend if you can so you can follow the flow. If you don’t have your chart, you can order one here.