Big Picture – Entering the 9th Period

We often lose ourselves in a small, personal timeframes, focusing on our Charts, Dynamic Luck, annual pillars, etc., but it’s good from time to time to look at the big picture and see where we are all heading, as a planet, as a society.

As some of you may know, the BaZi consists of many different timeframes, from yearly, monthly, daily, and hourly cycles. There are even smaller cycles, which are measured in minutes and seconds, but they are not very practical to use because most people don’t know the exact minute of their birth, so most practitioners ignore that information.

But our topic today is about a larger cycle, which consists of 20 years and is governed by a single Element. We are currently in Period 8, which started in 2004 and will last until the end of 2023. Earth Element governs the current Period, and because the cycle is going backward, the next, Period 9 (also known as Purple Flying Star #9), will be governed by Element of Fire.

Period shifts usually bring rather dramatic changes on a global level, and often we can see those changes coming our way a few years before. In the year 2000, we had a big dotcom market crash just a few years before we entered Period 8. This year we have some major challenges too, a few years before we officially enter Period 9.

Changing periods means that certain types of businesses and activities will lose support, while other types will gain it. Real Estate business boomed during the Earth governance in Period 8, we saw a lot of development in that area, and being a real estate broker was a trendy and highly profitable profession. We also saw a rise of Airbnb, which made the real estate business rather mainstream, allowing every individual to earn money by renting their property, no matter how small it was.

Period 8 wasn’t very innovative, though, from a technological point of view. The development of Social Media was not based on innovative technology, but more on making already existing systems, like AOL chat and public forums, more efficient and widespread.

Period 9 will be different; we will see a lot of high tech innovations coming to life, like Artificial Intelligence and robotics, accelerating the growth of our society rather tremendously. Bitcoin and Blockchain technology will become the backbone of this technology, and we will see a widespread of decentralized services, like decentralized social media, and even decentralized currencies.

The world is entering the speed of exponential growth; things are moving very fast these days and will move even quicker in the coming years. A lot of people won’t be able to follow this pace and might fall behind, that’s why it is essential to keep our focus on physical and mental health; otherwise, the speed of development might be overwhelming. All those sci-fi movies we watched in the last 50 years will soon be our reality. 

Period 9 will also boost the beauty, spirituality, and life coaching industries. Methods like BaZi will become popular because people will be more open-minded about these things. Because of development in Artificial Intelligence and robotics, we will generally have more time to explore and learn new skills.

When it comes to our compatibility with Period 9, Yang Fire and Yin Fire Master Elements will get a boost, due to Fire influence. In the last Period, we saw Earth people being on average more successful than other Master Elements (Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Roger Federer, and Rafael Nadal, just to name a few).

This doesn’t mean that every Fire person will suddenly become very successful, our charts still play a significant role, but generally, they might experience an extra boost during this period.


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