Are our decisions truly ours?

Yesterday I stumbled on a piece of news about well known CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, who was kind of complaining in an interview that he doesn’t like his job anymore and that he wants to move on.

From a usual perspective, it seems like he came to that conclusion through observation and life experience. But the question is, are our decisions based on logic and reasoning, or is there something else in play? After a glance into his chart, it seems to me that his decision to completely change his career is coming from an external push he is getting through his Dynamic Luck.

Chris Cumo is a strong Yin Metal. During the last 20 years he was going through a highly favorable Water period, boosting his Output Component, which is quite essential in his line of work.

This Water made his Metal highly utilized. Around May 2020 he will be out of that period, moving into very strong Earth influence, while the Water will be pretty much gone. Ox will combine with his Rooster and reinforce Metal Element, while Yin Earth will combine away his Yang Wood stem. Yang Wood is his Supertalent, The Communicator, which is also highly valuable in his profession.

Is it a coincidence that only a few weeks before his Dynamic Luck goes through a dramatic change that he is questioning everything he has done in the last 20 years?

It seems to me that his decision has very little to do with his personal preferences and decision-making process, but more with a change in his Dynamic Luck. Without Output, and at the same time Communicator Talent changing its nature, his goals and his drive have changed.

He didn’t specify which direction he wants to take after a career on TV, but I assume this will be something completely different. This Ox period is not very useful for him, to be honest, but after that, he will enter Wood, which will boost his Entrepreneurship Talent Bridge, so he might do quite well money-wise. 

His case is interesting from BaZi perspective because we can see how often our decisions are not actually ours. Dynamic Luck represents one kind of cosmic push, influencing our thoughts, feelings, and decision-making process. We can imagine Dynamic Luck as a new piece of code, an upgrade of our software. Most people are not even aware that we are getting upgrades regularly. These upgrades are necessary in order to experience different situations in life, whether are good or bad. But knowing ahead of time what will be the nature of our next test can be quite useful, don’t you agree 😉

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