New feature: Luck Pillar diagnosis

Some of you might have already noticed that our iOS and Android apps have a new feature within Luck Pillars. This feature aims to help users diagnose briefly how helpful a specific Luck Pillar is for that particular chart.

We used the logic from our Qi Analysis module, where Stems and Branches are classified into six major “gangs,” each labeled with levels of usefulness. We use six gangs (or Elements) because Earth Element is divided into Dry and Wet to achieve better accuracy.

When you open Luck Pillars in horizontal view, you will notice red and green thumbs (please note that you will need a premium subscription for this).

Red thumbs down mean that those particular Stems and Branches are not so helpful, mainly because the static chart is already heavy on those Elements.

Green thumbs up mean that those particular Stems and Branches are helpful, mainly because the static chart lacks those Elements.

Undecided grey thumbs mean our algorithm can’t classify whether they are helpful, so the chart requires further analysis.

Please note that this is a broad approach toward Luck Pillar analysis; it should be taken with a grain of salt, so don’t make important life decisions based purely on this orientational information. In the case of Special Charts (which are rare), this approach might not be that useful.

So that would be all, we hope you will enjoy this new feature, which we find very handy, and so far the feedback from our users is very positive.

We are working on one more feature, which is a bit more complex, so expect more from us soon.

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