About that Android app…

Since we launched our iOS app almost every day we get requests from users to come up with the Android app as well. The iOS app is well received; it seems there is a real need for a high-quality app for generating and managing BaZi charts.

To be honest, the main reason why we even decided to make the app is that the choice of existing ones is pretty bad. I personally check several charts every day and I was frustrated how bad those existing apps are for day to day chart management, so we went out of our way and built one.

We wanted something that looks good and is user-friendly for beginners. Most BaZi apps just cram loads of information, hundreds of stars and constellations, that make little sense to most people. There are thousands of people out there trying to learn BaZi, and our main aim is to build tools that help them.

The Android app is definitely in our plans, but due to limited resources, we have to finish the first set of premium features for the iOS app. Once we are done with that, which could be in 3-4 months, we will start working on Android. If everything goes according to plan, by the end of the year, we should have it, while the prototype might be out already in September.

Our experience taught us that there are always unexpected problems when developing a new piece of software, so there might be delays, but we will keep you informed.

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