BaZi Essentials – The Birth

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With this post, we are starting our Bazi Essentials series where we will cover some basics around BaZi and Chinese Astrology. The first post explains why date and time of birth are so important, and what is happening at that exact moment.

Every new life starts at conception, after which the baby grows in mother’s belly. For nine months the baby is supported by mother through an umbilical cord, and through this channel, the baby receives everything necessary to sustain life, from oxygen and water to nutrition. As long the baby is physically connected to mother, his or her life will be linked with mother’s destiny. The critical moment in astrology is when the baby comes out. At that moment umbilical cord is cut, and baby takes a first breath, establishing an independent connection with the universe energy around us. It’s critical to write down the exact time when the cord is cut so the BaZi experts can convert it into solar time without an error.

At that exact moment of separation from our mother, we receive an energy stamp, a combination of elements which determines how we interact with our surrounding, from family members, partners, friends, to business, money and all other life situations and subjects. The best way to understand this dynamic is to imagine humans as magnets, with each of us having different abilities and strength to attract people and situations, good and bad ones. This magnet is formed in the exact moment of our first breath.

There are altogether over 20 million possible chart combination, and when we take in account that we all have a different genetic background and we are born in different surroundings, we can see how unique every single human being is.

These embedded energy patterns within us are always there, but they react with different intensity at different times, depending on outside elements of that moment and people we are interacting. Therefore an experienced BaZi expert can see which element will get stimulated and how it might affect you.

Why is important to know our energy pattern?

Imagine going for a trip. You packed the car, decided where to go, drove one hour, and suddenly you end up in a traffic jam, getting stuck for several hours. Wouldn’t be nice to know this information before you started the journey?

Modern technology gave us a possibility to plan our road trips so we can avoid these blockages. Examining our elements work similarly, it gives us a clear picture of possible obstacles in our life journey so we can make a right decision, speed up our travel and achieve more, in all areas of life.

Our destiny is not set in stone, it fluctuates, and more we know about it, more we can influence it. There is a constant interaction between our consciousness and elements; therefore we can change them, to a certain extent. Without knowing our energy patterns, we might get locked in a stream, completely unaware. This stream is unpredictable, therefore can make us nervous, unhappy, and in the end, our health might suffer, from all this uncertainty and stress.

What about the power of free will, aren’t we able to create our destiny?

In theory, yes, but in reality, things are bit different.

If a person has a seed for a particular skill in the chart, this seed represents a potential. Some seeds might be easy to pull out and make them grow, for some it can only happen in specific periods while some seed will never see the daylight; therefore the potential will be unfulfilled.

Using our will we can achieve a lot, but our chart gives us certain limitations. From our extensive research, we concluded that the best way to increase our potential is to understand our strength and weaknesses thoroughly, and for that, there is no better tool than BaZi.

So, that would be all for our first post in this series. In next post, we will explain the importance of Master Element (also known as Day Master).

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