Mission Statement: Wisdom, Data & Energy

Every company needs a mission, a clear direction which they want to take, the goals which they want to achieve.

Last few months, Talent Hero team put a lot of focus on figuring out our true mission. We knew that the knowledge and the system we provide are unique, and at this moment, nobody else has anything similar. Still, we wanted to get more clear on how we want to use this platform and how users can benefit from our services.

We came up with three crucial points which we would like to emphasize and communicate with our clients.

Those are Wisdom, Data, and Energy. So let us elaborate on that.


Almost everything we do in Talent Hero is based on methods originally developed by ancient civilizations, whether it is divination, destiny reading, or Qi analysis. We use mostly Chinese methods, ranging from Taoism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qi Gong, and of course, BaZi (also known as Four Pillars).

We also have a lot of insights into other ancient methods, like those developed by Greeks, Celts, Mayas, and we realized that all those cultures came up with their systems, yet, they are incredibly similar, although those civilizations never mixed. The knowledge about Five Elements and Qi is universal; just each culture has a slightly different understanding and the way of applying it in real life.

Our team feels most comfortable with Chinese methods because they are well documented, proven, and used in every corner of the world.


Ancient cultures hold a lot of information that is poorly organized and hard to grasp, especially in the context of our modern, tech-driven world. Many old texts are simply not applicable for the 21st century and in desperate need of adaptation. Three years ago, we took that challenge with BaZi and started developing a system where people can learn and make sense of this beautiful system. It took a lot of time, money, and energy, but now, three years later, Talent Hero has become one of the top destinations, if not the top, for all those who want to learn this great knowledge.

The 21st century is moving fast, and we see a lot of changes, especially in technology. Just ten years ago, we considered gold, silver, and oil to be the most valuable assets in the world, but that is changing. People all over the world realize that these days the most powerful asset is data.

During this time, we built an extensive algorithm to handle BaZi calculations and diagnostics. This algorithm is unlike anything else in the BaZi world and is capable of analyzing millions of people within seconds. We use this algorithm to speed up the learning process by recognizing patterns much faster. The algorithm is currently used only by our team. Still, our goal is eventually to offer it to large corporations who can take advantage of our system to improve their staff hiring, help them recognize unique talents, and guide each person according to their true talents.

Such analyzing system saves a tremendous amount of time for everybody, from a CEO, HR department to a single employee.

Our goal is to help people to recognize their talents, strengths, and weaknesses faster, and in a clear, easy to understand manner, to speed up their development process.

Having a large amount of valuable data and being able to analyze it fast and efficiently is a vital part of this process.


Now, having the wisdom and data is quite helpful, but real work comes to when we want to apply that information in real life and create real change.

From our experience, every problem is an energy problem, and every problem is essentially an imbalance of Qi. Every sickness, relationship issue, or money blockage can be seen easily through the BaZi analysis, which tells us where and what kind of energy is blocked and what is needed to unblock it.

Our team collectively has over 80 years of experience working with various Qi Gong and Taoist masters. We used the knowledge and methods we learned from them to develop powerful tools to help people overcome their issues by simply improving their energy flow.

These methods, in combination with our knowledge and ability to analyze data, create a powerful package that is now ready for the public.

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