Introducing Talent Bridge

Since we started with the Talent Hero project almost five years ago, we were always kind of obsessed with figuring out a better way to present critical data within the BaZi chart.

We all have to admit, BaZi is not very user-friendly for new people. It takes months of studying to get some kind of idea of what is going on in our charts, and often information we learn from various masters and books is contradicting.

The main drive behind the Talent Hero team was to present information visually, with as little text as possible, and we wanted to address some of the most popular questions.

The most popular ones are whether the person is right for business or whether they should follow a career path, or maybe go back to study? There are no simple answers to these questions, and most experts would give you a long list of conditions within the chart, which are also often contradictory.


Talent Bridge module, which is part of our Talent Blueprint analysis, is our answer to that complex issue. With Talent Bridge, we are giving a visual overview of these topics:

  • Creativity
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership
  • Social Justice
  • Dominance

Most people fit in one of these categories, but often we have few of them. A Talent Bridge represents a driving force, so for example, if Entrepreneurship Bridge is the strongest, we will naturally be more interested in business and making money.

We call them Talent Bridge because the value comes from bridging Character Components and Talents. Each Bridge has two critical measurements, efficiency, and intensity, and generally speaking, if both of them are above average, then this particular Talent Bridge will be very active in your chart.

We explained more in detail how the Talent Bridge works, with additional information for each Bridge. You can read about it here.

Please note that some individuals do not have any Talent Bridge in their chart, but that is no indication that the chart is bad. Sometimes a good quality Supertalent can override lack of Talent Bridge, like in Beyonce case.

Talent Bridge is designed to give us an instant overview of our Talents and inner drive, without having much understanding of BaZi, so I hope that those who are just entering the BaZi world will enjoy it. We definitely had a lot of fun building it 🙂

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