Life Decoded: Hardware vs Software

geralt / Pixabay

The origins of life are still relatively unknown to us. Scientists have various theories, but many of those theories have rather weak legs.

What is the functionality of the soul? How we inherit our abilities? Where the ideas are coming from? All this is still quite a mystery. We have some ideas, but none of us have a complete picture, only fragments.

Many die-hard Five Element experts claim that our destiny, determined through the BaZi chart, is all that matters, but I strongly disagree with that. Our birth charts are important, but in my opinion, they only hold 30%-40% of information about the person. Through our research, we learned that genetics is playing a considerable role in shaping our personality as well.

One could have a chart identical to Mark Zuckerberg‘s, who, btw, has a superb chart, but if that person genetic is inferior, he or she might not reach the same level of success.

Our genetics is responsible for our hardware; it shapes our physical appearance. The birth chart functions more like software. Those who are familiar with how computers work will know that if you have outdated hardware, it won’t be able to run new software. At the same time, if your hardware is in perfect shape, but you run a faulty software, you won’t get satisfying results.

Therefore, what we are looking for is a complete package, from our genetics, which involves several generations, to surrounding, upbringing and, in the end, the birth chart itself. Once all these layers are aligned in a positive way, the person can expect exceptional life achievements.

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