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The concept of astrology is old almost as civilization. Since the dawn of the men, we look into the stars trying to find answers, the meaning of life, or a sign what the future might bring.

There are different types of astrology, Vedic, Western, Chinese… all based on the idea that planets around us have an influence on our lives.

For me, the Chinese concept of astrology called BaZi, or Four Pillars, is particularly interesting mostly because of natural, easy to understand approach. It all starts with Yin and Yang cycle of life, then it divides further into Five Elements; Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water.

Wood and Fire belong to the warm spectrum, while Metal and Water belong to the cold spectrum. Earth is placed in the middle, because of its balancing properties. Earth can be warm or cold, depending on the birth season, therefore it can swing between these two spectrums.

Each element is related to one of the planets, and their energetic influence is translated into a Five Element language which is then further applied to human nature.

There are two main flows within Five Elements:

Producing: Wood is producing Fire, Fire is producing Earth, Earth is producing Metal, Metal is producing Water and then to make a full cycle, Water is producing Wood.

Controlling: Wood controls Earth, Earth controls Water, Water controls Fire, Fire controls Metal and Metal controls Wood.

Using these two flows we seek the balance. If one Element is too strong, we look for Elements which can make it weaker. If Element is too weak, we look for Elements which can provide strength.

At the time of birth, we receive a blueprint, or energy signature, which becomes part of our personality. This signature is the coded combination based on planets positions at the time of our birth. It has been decoded by Chinese Masters thousands of years ago and the method has been used since then by millions of people.

Once this signature is translated we can actually measure the strength and the quality of Five Elements. Each Element represents various things in our life, but at the basic levels Five Elements can be translated as five Character Components: Body, Intellect, Output, Wealth and Power.

Each Character Component represents one aspect of our life. Intellect provides us with knowledge and education, Body provides physical strength and social connections, Output provides an ability to present ourselves, our skills, our ideas, while Wealth and Power act as the ultimate goals which we are trying to obtain.

Further on each Character Component is divided into two Talents, which are basically Yin & Yang variations of that particular Component.

These multiple layers, with Yin & Yang, Five Elements, Character Components, and Talents, when put together gives us a very detailed picture of the person, his character traits, skills, goals, aspirations…

But what makes it even more interesting is the fact that none of these layers are fixed in stone. Each hour, day, month, year and decade we are going through an additional set of Elements, which we call Dynamic Chart, bringing constant fluctuations. These influences can also be analyzed and measured, therefore we are able to predict, to a certain extent, life path of the person.


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