Who am I?

Who am I?

This may be the most common question we ask ourselves.

Since the Stone Age, people have realized that we are all different; we have different abilities and character traits. In those ancient times, somebody was better at hunting; another was good at rallying and organizing people. Some had artistic impulses, so they would make drawings on cave walls, leaving messages lasting thousands of years.

The situation is not so different today. We have people keen on making money to provide a better life for their families, contributing to society in their way. Some politicians or charity workers enjoy rallying people for a more significant cause.

Today’s artists are not limited to cave walls, chalk, and stone carving to express themselves. With rapid technology advancement, creativity is exploding right now; people have so many different ways to express themselves, from singing, dancing, writing, painting, coding, and designing… using so many other channels from YouTube, online radios, social media, creativity workshops, and tech startups.

But the main question remains: what makes a person good at certain areas and not so good at others?

Talent discovery — so far

We have so many ways to discover people’s talents, like an extensive school system where we hope these talents will show up and develop. Additionally, we attend courses and seminars, hoping to discover or improve our abilities. We even have talent shows where people can test those talents in real life. But all this takes time and effort, a lot of trial and error, and sometimes we lose a decade or two until we figure out who we are, what we want, and most importantly, how good we are at it.

But what if we could have a detailed matrix of our talents right from the first day we are born?

What if we could stop wasting time guessing what we might be good at and instead invest more time preparing to enhance our capabilities and polishing the rough edges?

What if we could spend more time training and learning and less worrying and guessing?

Is that even possible?

Enter Talent Hero

Talent Hero is not a revolutionary method but a logical evolution of a pre-existing system.

A knowledge system where we can read a person’s talents and personality traits has existed for thousands of years and has been used extensively in China as the 5 Elements technique, also known as BaZi. Over the last 100 years, this knowledge has been translated from old Chinese books and has spread to the rest of the world.

Although most people understand the basic principles behind the 5 Elements and Yin & Yang theory, the knowledge is far more complex than most of us already know. Only a handful of people, primarily Chinese, could fully grasp it and apply it in everyday life, as many of the keys are hidden in the language.

In the early days, emperors used this method exclusively; it was strictly forbidden for ordinary people. This has since changed, and many people are learning this method, but the accuracy is always questionable.

Reading one’s talents is based on individual interpretation, meaning every expert might add something new. At the same time, another may take something away, resulting in the whole method of reading becoming somewhat inconsistent and, in some cases, inaccurate. Talent Hero aims to change that by taking a scientific approach.


The analyzing method is based on our birth charts, which consist of 8 symbols, two for the hour of birth, two for the day, two for the month, and two for the year of birth. Each character represents a particular “package of energy” that we receive at the time of birth.

We have developed a complex algorithm to calculate each symbol’s strength and overall influence and convert them into Talents. Each Talent is given a fixed value, making it measurable in strength, balance, quality, and usability so that interpretation is far more accurate and computes faster than classic chart reading.

Our further goal is to continue to research and use artificial intelligence to ramp up the learning process, making it eventually the fastest, the most accurate, and the most advanced 5 Elements analysis in the world.

To read more about the method, please visit our page with fundamentals.

Which seed you are?

If you have an apple seed and would like to plant and grow it, you have to treat it according to what an apple seed needs. If we treat an apple seed as an orange or watermelon, it’s most likely that the plant will not be able to grow correctly.

If we don’t know what the seed is, how do we know how to treat the plant and which fruit it will produce? Do we add more water or less? Grow indoors or outdoors? Should it be in the sun or shade? Which type of soil do we need? What kind of nutrition do we have to add? What kind of pests might attack it, and what weather conditions can cause damage?

Our life functions similarly, but instead of water, soil, and sun, we have different types of universe frequencies, classified as Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. When we are born, we all get a unique combination of these five elements, which, when correctly decoded, can give us an apparent picture of each individual’s Talents and personality traits. Once that element matrix is decoded, we can know exactly what the weaknesses and strengths of that person are.

So, for example, if a person has a robust Output Component, the next step is to find out exactly what type of creativity it is. Is it more extrovert type, where a person craves the limelight and publicity, or the more introvert style, where the person might be interested in more behind-the-scenes work? Or perhaps it’s a combination of both? Do other people easily see this Talent, or is it maybe buried deep under, waiting to be discovered? Does this Talent have the potential to grow, or might it decline over time?

All these questions, and more, can be answered through our analysis, covering all major areas, from learning, creativity, socializing, business, career, etc. And all we need is your date and time of birth. Yes, it’s that simple.

Join the ride

We are at the very beginning of an exciting journey, and the analysis we provide now is just an introduction to what is about to come. It’s time to bring this incredibly accurate, useful, yet ancient knowledge into the 21. century. We have built a complex tool that will help us to understand ourselves and the people around us, as we believe that this is not only going to save us all a lot of time but will have a tremendous beneficial influence on our development.

So please join us and order your first analysis to discover who you are.

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