Flash analysis: US presidential candidates

US elections for president are heating up, so we will follow the candidates closely. We already covered Trump last year, so our focus will be on his opponents, but to cover many of them, we will keep it short and sweet.

When it comes to politics, Power Component is quite essential because it represents authority. Output Component is also quite useful because it embodies our ability to present ideas, but it also represents our staff, people who work for us. As we know, presidents don’t do much on their own; they have large teams of doers who can execute their ideas. When the person has a healthy dynamic between Output and Power Component, they can exercise their commanding abilities, which is quite essential for those in the position of executive power.

So let’s start, here are the top six Democrats aiming to challenge Trump in November:


Biden, a highly praised by mainstream media as a potential nominee, is not doing so well lately. His Power Component is quite strong, in the form of Water, but Output is somewhat weak; therefore, he needs more Earth Element. He is currently in Earth Goat Dynamic Luck, which brings him a lot of Earth, so he has a decent amount of commanding abilities, but it seems to me that his main problem is his age and somewhat fragile mental state. He is a successful politician, but not physically or mentally fit anymore for such a demanding job, and it shows.


Bernie is an interesting persona, eccentric we could say, definitely not a classic career politician. Bernie is a Yin Earth, so for him, Wood represents Power Component, and he has very little of it. He has strong Intellect and Output, which makes him an intellectual, not a politician. Populism suits him more, and that’s his main driving force. He has a typical rebel chart, with strong Output and weak Power. Chances are quite slim for him to acquire political position because deep down, he despises authority figures. Rebellious people rarely stay in power, because it contradicts their primary drive, which is to fight those in power. He is good for rallying people, can express himself well through his Output, but that’s about it, I can’t imagine him dealing with serious political issues like wars and foreign affairs. It’s interesting that AOC is giving her support to Bernie, and she has an enormous rebellious driving force, so no wonder.


Bloomberg has a quite hot chart; Yang Earth with a lot of Fire brings him Intellect Component and analytical, strategic mind. This is a useful chart for financial investments, but for politics, he would need more Metal, to boost his Output and image. Bloomberg had additional Metal between 1999 and 2019, (he was a Mayor of New York in that period) but that Metal is slowly diminishing, so it’s questionable whether Bloomberg can exercise his commanding abilities, needed for president role. He is probably too late, due to his Dynamic Luck which does not provide enough support to become a relevant political figure. His prime time has passed.


Pete Buttigieg is a Yang Water with a lot of Metal, which gives him analytical skills. He has some Output and substantial Power, so his commanding abilities are solid but limited in power. He was a Mayor of a small city in America, so it’s a big question whether he can run a country. I would say no, according to the chart. He is more of an intellectual, lacks a strong commanding presence.


Warren has a lot of Power Component, but her Output is weak, which means that she will struggle with commanding abilities and public image. She is also a little bit too late in a game; her Dynamic Luck was much better 10 or 20 years ago. Weak Yin Water, surrounded with all that Fire and Earth, is also problematic.


Amy has a solid Power Component, and current Dynamic Luck provides her with Output as well, but she has a similar problem as Buttigieg, it’s not strong enough. She is also quite analytical, as Sanders and Buttigieg.


So, as we can see, none of them have a full set that is needed to become a president. Bloomberg is probably the most capable of all of them, but I doubt that he will have enough power to beat Trump. Good charts for high-level politics are rare, Obama is one of them, he has an excellent combo of Power and Output, and that is showing in his character clearly. Maybe we don’t all agree with his politics, but we have to respect the talent and the skill.

On the other hand, Trump is entirely different; he doesn’t even have a chart for politics, he is a populist, Motivator, and Competitor, and he is using those skills well. Trump is exceptionally competitive and strives in tough situations with strong opponents. These six challengers are not looking that confident to take him down.

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