The new girl in town – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

By US House of Representatives –, Public Domain, Link

More than two years ago we have witnessed one of the biggest political upsets in recent history, with Donald Trump being elected as the President of the USA. That was one of the toughest defeats for the Democratic party, it shook them to the core.

They were almost 100% sure that Trump’s aggressive rhetoric has no chance against the Democratic queen, Hillary Clinton, who seemed destined for the presidential throne. After the shocking Trump’s victory, the Democratic party was left in disbelief and disarray. With Hillary defeat, and Obama stepping down, they were left leaderless and clueless.

They knew though if they want to get Trump out of White House, they need to find somebody charismatic and strong enough to fight him. And after a long wait, it seems they found it in Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a new political rising star.

Merely a year ago Ocasio-Cortez was just a regular girl, with no political background or diplomatic experience. Today she is a congresswoman with millions of followers on social media and extremely strong voice. The media loves her, first because she speaks her mind, second because she is very charismatic and beautiful, and third because left-leaning media is so desperate to bring Trump down. Suddenly, overnight, the Democrats got new hope, a strong charismatic personality who is able to take on Trump, using the same weapon as he did, the power of social media.

So, let’s see, what weaponry Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez posses.

We were not surprised to find out that she is a Yang Fire Master Element, loaded with Fire. Such explosive, witted and magnanimous personality usually is powered with excessive Fire Element. But what makes this Fire extremely effective, is the solid support of Wood, which acts as a source of power for her Fire, making it sustainable.

Another important aspect of her chart is a strong presence of hot Earth which acts as Output Component. Her Water is non-existing, meaning Power Component is weak. This dynamic represents a rebel personality, somebody who is able to confront authority, and because of her strong voice (Earth as Output), the authorities on another end can find her rather annoying.

This rebellious nature is clearly seen in her political activities. She is very keen to destroy the political status quo and push new ideas ahead. 

The problem with overly strong Yang Fire is that those ideas are often completely unrealistic. She recently proposed a New Green Deal, which most experts deemed as economically unsustainable, basically a pipe dream.

This is so typical for strong Yang Fire people. They are loaded with ideas, but unable to turn those ideas into practical projects. Yang Fire individuals need to surround themselves with people who are able to turn their ideas into reality. If she doesn’t do that, her policies and ideas will eventually fail, miserably.

There is another interesting detail, her Philosopher Talent acts as Supertalent, which means she is a compassionate person and genuinely wants to help weaker and poorer citizens. 

She is still young and full of ideas, so we have to see how she will develop, especially once she encounters a pushback from the establishment, which is not keen on change. A rebel like her is not used to make compromises, and politics is all about that. Her strong Competitor Talent makes her fierce and prone to conflicts, so it will be difficult for her to cooperate with political opponents, which is necessary if you want to push radical policy changes through Congress.

She is not a diplomatic type, she uses her emotions to bring messages across. These messages do work on certain people, especially liberal part of society (they generally react well on Wood and Fire types of people), but conservatives will hesitate to support her, to them her ideas look naive and unrealistic.

She is currently in a Fire Ox period. Ox combines with Snake, creating Metal structure, making her Fire a bit more manageable, therefore we can say that she is now in her lucky period. She has no Water, which is necessary in order to gain a leadership position in politics, so probably she will remain an opposition. Putting pressure on authorities is her main drive, if she would one day become a person of authority, like for example a president, it would be a rather strange position for her because she would have no boss above her to push against. Due to this specific dynamic rebellious people don’t stay long in power. Later in her life, she might be more able to acquire such position, but not now.

In any case, she seems a worthy opponent for Trump. He likes a good fight, he is of course also very competitive, and her being a woman, and Hispanic, gives us the most dramatic setup for an epic clash.

Do I smell popcorns? 🍿


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