The storm is coming

Those following news from the US probably couldn’t miss the latest mega story involving Trump and ex-porn star, Stormy Daniels. Apparently, Trump had an affair with her, and just before the elections, she got paid for silence. But the problem is that Trump never signed the contract, so Stormy Daniels decided to go against it and fight Trump. It’s quite apparent that behind Daniels are some influential Democrats, pushing their goals, and for sure she has an agenda of her own, but that, and whether they had an affair is not our story here.

Trump is a hugely controversial person, people either love him or hate him. In last 14 months he showed incredible resilience though, whatever his enemies throw at him, he was able to withstand and move forward with his policies, leaving his enemies scrambling ideas for their next attempt.

We already made a case study of Trump, explaining his character traits, which are coming from his excessive Earth Element. This year will be very challenging for him, additional Yang Earth will create a lot of conflicts, and he will have an endless number of enemies to fight off. If he survives this year, it’s very likely that he will remain unchallenged for the rest of his term.

But the case which is building around Stormy Daniels might be the most significant challenge for Trump in his presidency so far. Daniels seems exceptionally driven and determined, so we decided to have a look at her chart.

Stormy Daniels is born as Yin Water Master Element. Earth, Fire, and Wood surround this Yin Water, so no support from Water or Metal, whatsoever. It seems like a not very good chart; Yin Water is under enormous pressure from all those hostile elements around.

The key in her case is Dynamic part of her Chart, from 2004 she was under the positive influence of Yang Metal, and currently Yin Metal, which provided some strength to the Master Element. Conditions are not perfect, but manageable.

What intrigued us with her chart are strong Pioneer and Warrior Talents. These two shows us that she has a high sex drive, might have a talent for business and entrepreneurship, and what is most important, can act extremely authoritative. The chart shows us that she is independent and entirely in control.

These character traits make her extremely dangerous when it comes to public conflicts, like the one she has with Donald Trump. He will have a difficult time shutting her down, and it seems he is quite aware of that considering that he didn’t send a single tweet about this situation, which is very unusual for him. Obviously, he is preparing his strategy carefully, knowing that he will be unable to scare her off that easily, which tells us that Trump, although often very fast to express and defend himself, is able to control his urge in critical moments. He is aware that his enemy at the moment has an advantage over him; therefore he is not rushing it.

President Trump is walking on thin ice here, and it’s very likely that the whole thing ends up on the court, which is the last thing he needs.

It will be interesting to see whether Stormy Daniels is the type of person who can take down the most powerful, and the most controversial US president of our time.

From her Chart perspective, she seems capable to put up a good fight, so next few weeks or months we might see a very interesting power struggle between those two sides. Not sure about you, but I’m getting popcorns!

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