Vladimir Putin – The Trouble(d) Man

Vladimir Putin was already, for a long time, one of the most powerful people in the world, but this year he took center stage due to the conflict with Ukraine. Our analysis shows clear leadership capabilities of the highest degree. Below is the summary, but if you want to check the original Talent Blueprint, you will find it here.

Vladimir Putin is a Yang Fire Master Element, born in October when the Element of Yin Metal (Rooster) was at its peak.

At first glance is noticeable that he has a strong Earth Element, which represents his Output. The Earth is trying to obtain Water Element, which is his Power. Therefore Putin has very strong commanding abilities, and he craves power and leadership.

Putin’s Qi Balance gravitates towards cold due to the strong influence of Metal, Water, and Wet Earth. This means that his useful Elements are Wood and Fire. The Wood Element is completely missing, indicating possible liver issues.

Putin has a wide range of Talents that are well utilized. Performer, Artist, Diplomat, and Warrior are the most important here because they create a very strong Leadership Talent Bridge. More about that in the next slide. Performer and Artist belong to Output Component, bringing him a strong urge to speak his mind and fight those in power. He also puts a lot of emphasis on his personal freedom.

This specific combination of Talents creates a very strong Leadership Talent Bridge for Putin. Output Component represents his creative/expressive abilities, while Power Component represents political influence. This means that Putin uses his creative/expressive abilities to obtain political power.

Putin is currently in a Fire Dragon period. Fire is a useful Element for him; it helps him obtain power.

The Dragon is activating the clash within his chart between Dog and Dragon, bringing him a lot of turbulence.

From 2023 he will be in the Fire Snake period, which is quite good for multiple reasons. Additional Fire will consolidate his power, while the Snake + Rooster combination will increase his money luck.

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