Melania’s silence

Having friends in life is important, almost everybody can agree on that. Trying to go through life without cooperating, helping, or receiving help from others is extremely hard.

Using the five elements chart information it’s quite easy to see whether somebody is social or prefers to spend time on their own, far from publicity. From five Character Components, the BODY component is the most important for figuring out whether somebody can interact with others easily.

Melania Trump, the newly crowned First Lady, and wife of Donald Trump, the president of USA, is often scrutinized for her overly closed approach towards media and publicity in general. Her anti-social behavior is so extreme that even paparazzi have given up on her.

When we look into her Talents and Character Components chart, we will notice that Competitor Talent is very low, while Self-esteem is entirely missing. Both of these Talents belong to BODY Component and are essential for having a healthy and fruitful social life.

The problem with her Competitor Talent is not just that is weak and under-performing, but that is also locked under a lot of Earth element, which represents her Artist talent. This visualization can be interpreted that she is more concerned about her image than about her social life. Melania is also very concerned about her son, putting a lot of time and energy into his education, which is normal but also making sure that he is far from cameras as well. Earth represents kids in her chart, and it’s very strong, therefore no surprise that her son is more important to her than social life. In one way, her son is her social life, it is the most influential aspect in her chart.

The Water element is also blocking her social skills, and in her case Water is related to relationship, her husband. So it could be also that Donald Trump doesn’t want or like her to have a busy social life.

Melania is showing clear signs of introvert personality. People with weak or missing BODY Component are often introverts, they do not like to speak much and have very few friends. Because the Competitor is present in her chart, but far and locked, we assume that she still has good friends, but they are probably distant, and far from publicity. All this points out to typical “princess in the high castle” scenario, where she is able to enjoy all the luxury but is cut off from normal human interactions.

Although she spoke about getting involved in certain charitable projects, as first ladies usually do, so far there is not much to be seen. But that doesn’t mean that she is not doing something, just far from the public, that’s the way she likes it.

All this being said, Melania Trump wasn’t always so drastically anti-social. From age 16 to 46 she was under influence of Fire element, which has the ability to draw her Competitor out, making it more visible and active. Just around the time when Donald Trump started to get all the attention during the presidential race, her Fire period was over, and she went into a deep introvert state, after decades of active public life. The situation for her is even more difficult considering how much attention she is getting, now that Donald Trump is president.

This problem will persist for another 8 years at least, so we can say that Melania is well on the way to be one of the most introvert First Ladies in a recent history.

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