Oscars 2019 – Bradley Cooper (A Star Is Born)

A few days ago we wrote about Lady Gaga, and her role in A Star Is Born movie. Today we will cover her acting partner from the same movie, Bradley Cooper. A Star Is Born is gaining a lot of popularity, and it seems the chemistry between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper worked really well.

Interesting, they are both Yin Metal Master Element, and we know that Yin Metal people love the stage and being in the center of attention (at least most of them). They also have another thing in common, which is a combination between Yin Metal Master Element and Yang Fire, which is producing a Water Element.

Water Element for Yin Metal represents output, a Creativity Component. These two pieces of information tell us that they are both natural-born performers.

In Bradley’s case, the Water Element is a bit overwhelming, throwing him out of balance, but luckily he has plenty of Wood, which has the ability to drain the Water, or at least prevent from flooding the chart. This issue with Water also indicates why Lady Gaga is such a good partner for him, in an artistic way. She has a lot of Wood, Earth, and Fire, while on another side he provides her with Water, which Lady Gaga lacks. This dynamic of Elements explains the great chemistry between them.

But the most crucial Element in his chart is Yang Fire. It has several roles, it supervises excessive Water, produces Wood (Wealth) and acts as Supertalent, which gives him charisma.

We also learned that Bradley Cooper suffered from substance addiction when he was younger and that he had often suicidal thoughts. Highly creative people, as he clearly is, can have these issues if their creativity is not utilized properly. Luckily, in 2005, he entered the Dragon period, which brought him much needed Earth Element. Dragon is generally very good for utilizing excessive Water. This combination gave him purpose and direction. In 2015 he entered Snake period, which brought him Fire, meaning that his Water is not so dominant anymore.

He also stopped completely with drugs and alcohol, and his creativity is now spreading in more and more areas, from acting, movie directing to singing and music production. Altogether a quite decent chart, with certain flaws, which with help of favorable periods becomes a superb chart, an Oscar nominee worthy chart indeed.