Harvey Weinstein – The Sexual Harassment Case

The last couple of days the media is buzzing after news broke that one of the most powerful movie producers, Harvey Weinstein, the founder of Miramax and Weinstein, was involved in multiple sexual harassing cases. Dozens of women are now speaking out against him. As far we know, his aggressive behavior towards women have stretched for over 30 years.

It would be interesting to see what kind of chart setup can trigger such behavior.

Harvey Weinstein is born as Yang Wood Master Element, a very strong one, heavily supported by Wood and Water element. This image represents somebody with a large body, and considering that his Yin Wood is powerful, which is the counterpart of Yang Wood, it means that he was extremely competitive. Competitive people, if out of balance, can often be very aggressive, especially towards women, but also generally towards weaker people.

The first thing which drew our attention is very weak Earth element, specifically, in this case, Yang Earth, and this is the root of his problem.

Yang Earth represents women to him; specifically, it represents lovers, one night stands, not a wife or a steady partner.

The problem is that his Water and Wood are so overwhelming, Yang Earth is pretty much dissolved. There are several special features, but the most important for this case is a harmful relation between Yin Wood and Yang Earth. Yin Wood represents his competitiveness, as we mentioned before, and it is the key dynamic to understand his aggressive behavior towards women.

There is another interesting aspect. Apparently, his favorite trick to get women to have sex with him was to lure them into a bathroom, or shower. The Water element gives power to his Wood; he felt stronger and more comfortable in areas with a lot of Water Element, which makes total sense. The Earth element, which represents females to him, lose all their power in a strong Water environment.

All this shows us that Harvey Weinstein is a very powerful person, able to control and intimidate women using the power combo of Water and Wood. He preferred weak women, a bit naive, the ones he can manipulate and impress with his power, while stronger ones would probably escape on time.

So why it took 30 years for his behavior to become public? Often these kinds of cases are a public secret, many are aware of it, but it takes a special trigger to become mainstream information. This year he entered a strong Warm Earth period. His Yang Earth is cold, and when a clash occurs between warm and cold Earth, whatever was hidden within the Earth, in this case, inappropriate sexual behavior, it becomes visible, and that is what happened to him.

His career of a sexual predator is over, next 10 years this Earth clash will reveal all secrets related to his sexual harassments, and it’s very unlikely that he will be able to get away from it. His power is now suddenly weakened, dozens of close associates and partners are withdrawing their support, including his wife.

There is a saying that pot goes to the river until it’s broken. After 30 years, his pot is finally broken. This is the beauty of elements dynamic, you never know what is waiting for you behind the corner, and whatever bad deeds one has done, eventually there will be a combination of elements, triggering events necessary to lure darkness out, dissolving in light of the day.

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