Kevin Hart’s fallout from Oscars

Eva Rinaldi [CC BY-SA 2.0]

Those following Oscars stories probably heard about the big scandal involving famous comedian, Kevin Hart, who at one point was supposed to host the 2019 Oscars, but because of few remarks he made publicly, about gays, he got fired, rather swiftly.

Kevin Hart is known for his brash language, which threw him in big trouble this time, so we decided to look from where this wild temper is coming from.

He is a Yang Wood Master Element, a quite weak one, surrounded with nothing but dry Earth, Fire, and hot Metal, no Water or Wood to support him, but we will come back to that issue later.

What we have noticed first is strong Fire element, which in his case represents outspoken behavior and rebellion. Because he has no Water Element, which could provide him Analyzer or Philosopher Talent, he is not a very analytical person, but more of a street smart, fast to react, fast to get in conflict type of person. A weak Yang Metal in his chart is challenging him all the time, it represents Power Component (Authority) and he has a constant desire to fight against and back-control it. It’s a typical rebel chart setup.

His chart is very hot, basically a mix of hot Earth and Fire, which makes him very temperamental, easy to snap and fight back, but mostly with words. Kevin Hart is (most likely) not physically violent, he doesn’t use his body to challenge people, he is just loud. In nature, we could compare him with a hot, active volcano, and we all know, it’s not easy to have a reasonable discussion with an active volcano. The good thing is, even volcano can’t be active forever, so once his emotions are settled, he becomes a man of reason again.

You might ask why it happened now? Well, the Earth Dog year is not particularly useful for him, it brought him more hot Earth and Fire, throwing his chart even more out of balance, making him more rebellious and outspoken.

He is currently in the Rabbit period, which brings him Wood, making his Master Element more stable, and able to withstand this massive output of Fire. A strong Fire without Wood to provide continuous support can be a rather dangerous setup, the Fire could get suffocated in its own ashes. Later in life, he will enter Water period so we might see him a bit more balanced and less rebellious, but so far, the man is on Fire!