Why Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 presidential election

The 2016 election for US president has produced one of the most shocking outcomes in recent history.

Hillary Clinton was never tremendously popular among common people, but still, most experts believed that she had elections in her pocket, simply because there was nobody else on the horizon with enough charisma and political power to challenge her. She was destined to win 2016.

But then Trump happened.

We already presented Trump’s analysis, explaining how, against all odds, he managed to win.

Now it’s time to tell the other side of the story, how she managed to lose a practically already won election.

There are already many books and documentaries out there, with top experts trying to explain what happened, and even Mrs Clinton has published a book a few days ago, with her own observations.

There are dozens of theories, so we looked into her chart and realized that the truth is rather simple, as usual.

This is Hillary Clinton’s static chart. We marked a special combo between Yang Wood and Yang Water. We call this a power combo. If this combo hits right conditions with rest of the chart, as it did in her case, it brings to the individual political power.

Hillary Clinton is a natural born politician, no doubt about that, a true Warrior in diplomatic fields. But when one wants to obtain such high position, like president of USA, he or she needs an additional support from Dynamic chart

Unfortunately for her, it happened quite the opposite.

From the year 2010 until 2019 she is in the period of strong Yang Fire, this Yang Fire clashes her Yang Water, reducing its power. The year 2016 was a year of Monkey, which brings strong Yang Metal with it. Yang Metal cuts her Yang Wood, so another clash.

So her two key pillars for gaining political power were under attack. One clash she might have survived, but with two she didn’t stand a chance.

Those who remember, she had quite a lot of troubles in 2016, she was attacked from many sides, and even her health was unstable, some reporters also claiming that she has a problem with alcohol. These are all clear indicators that her chart is under attack and that she is not able to function properly.

And few more interesting details.

Her weakest point during the election was her husband, Bill Clinton, the old sex affairs were popping out in the news all the time, ruining her image. Now guess which element represents her husband?

Yep, Yang Wood, the element under attack from Yang Metal.

Another weak point was that her private business was constantly going hand in hand with her political career, she was using her political connections to make money on the side, which is also visible in her chart. Public of course doesn’t like when politicians mix their business with public service.

So another guess, which element represents her business?

Yep, the Yang Water, the element under attack from Yang Fire, and the element which has a tight connection with Yang Wood, her political power.

Both weak points, both exposed, both under attack.

As we can see, the dynamics in the chart shows it all, without mistakes.

Hillary Clinton had a massive political capacity and inner drive, but when she came to the peak of her power, she entered an unlucky period, crushing everything she builds until that point.

It’s a bitter defeat for her, no doubt about that, it certainly feels like something went wrong but she can’t pin point exactly what. She is spending a lot of time and energy these days blaming various individuals, including Trump, for her defeat, but actually, the flaw was always with her, and there was very little she could do about it, even if she knew. She stood a far better chance in 2008, but that time she faced Obama, a Democratic rising star, who was in better destiny than she was, and also more likeable by the public.

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