Jill’s Power

US elections are getting heated, especially after the last debate between Trump and Biden. The stage was set for a fierce clash, but the spotlight quickly turned towards Biden’s apparent weaknesses, which many attribute to a cognitive decline. This perception has thrown the Democratic Party into a state of panic. There’s a growing clamor among party members for Biden to step down, yet he remains steadfast in his decision to stay in the race.

A significant figure in this unfolding drama is Jill Biden, Joe Biden’s wife. Increasingly, she is being seen as more than just a supportive spouse; she is perceived as Joe’s handler. This dynamic presents challenging optics, regardless of how it is spun. To the public eye, it’s a troubling image of a candidate who seems to require close management.

From a BaZi perspective, Biden’s chart has faced difficulties since 2018. His Yin Fire Master Element is inherently weak, and the loss of Fire support from Dynamic Luck has exacerbated his challenges. This decline in his elemental support correlates with his deteriorating health, painting a bleak picture of his prospects.



Jill Biden’s role is magnified through her own chart. She is a Yang Wood Master Element with a strong Fire combination that controls very weak Yin Metal, symbolizing her husband. This relationship, long-standing but now more visible, suggests that she exerts significant influence over him. Yin Metal, positioned on a yearly stem, represents men in power but, in this scenario, reflects a weak man in power. Jill appears to be leveraging her husband’s status, enjoying the borrowed fame and reluctant to let it go.

The interaction between Yang Wood and Yin Metal is unique. Yin Metal can be likened to decorative elements adorning a great tree, implying that Jill’s prominence is enhanced through her association with Joe. This metaphor underscores her visible role and influence, shining through her husband’s political stature.

Looking ahead, the situation for the Biden campaign is precarious. Joe Biden’s physical and mental frailty, coupled with the public’s perception of Jill as the controlling force, does not bode well. The image of a weak candidate under his spouse’s control is a tough sell to the electorate.

On the other hand, Trump finds himself in a relatively comfortable position for now. However, his journey is not without challenges. As a Dog, Trump is navigating through a Dragon year, which promises volatility. The Yang Wood influence has brought legal challenges, but Trump’s chart is marked by significant strength. This suggests a resilience that could see him emerging unscathed from the turmoil, as has often been the case in his career.

If the Democrats decide to replace Biden, the dynamics of the race could shift dramatically, tightening the contest. For now, the race remains open, with both sides poised for potential upheavals.

In conclusion, the current election cycle is characterized by high stakes and intense scrutiny. Biden’s vulnerabilities and Jill’s influential role create a complex narrative for the Democrats, while Trump’s resilient chart suggests he may weather the stormy political climate. The unfolding events will undoubtedly shape the political landscape in unpredictable ways, keeping both the candidates and the public on edge.

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