Alex Jones – The Uncontrollable Urge To Speak Up

Alex Jones is a highly controversial American media figure known for his highly provocative conspiracy theories. Lately, he has been in the news again due to legal troubles.

Please note that this is not an endorsement of Alex Jones; he got some things right and some wrong, but I’m mainly interested in his colorful character traits here.

Alex is known for his bold, noisy, and drama queen character, which comes from his exceptionally strong Performer Talent. The Performer Talent is also known in original Chinese BaZi books as a “Hurting Officer” profile. It’s a type of character profile that is inclined to fight authorities, and they put a lot of emphasis on freedom of speech.

He is a Yin Water Master Element, seemingly a weak one due to the absence of additional Water and Metal Element, but we don’t know his hour of birth, so it’s hard to say. He might be a feeble Master Element, one that surrenders to the chart; in his case, he surrenders to the Wood Element, which is exceptionally strong. Yang Wood represents the Performer Talent to Yin Water ME.

There is a relatively weak Earth Element in his chart, representing authority (Earth wants to control Water). In his case, this dynamic is completely flipped because he uses excessive Wood to control Earth. This is a typical rebel chart, where the person uses Output Component (Wood) to control Power (Earth).

Due to excessive Performer Talent, which is uncontrollable, he has a massive urge to perform and express himself all the time. This might go to such an extreme beyond his control, so often, he will say things that he might regret later.

His Dynamic Luck is also interesting; he entered a Goat period last year, bringing him Element of Earth and some authority issues with it because suddenly, his Earth is not that weak. Goat is known as a Wood tomb; if the setup is right, it can capture Wood, which in this case represents Alex’s freedom of speech. So it seems he is currently in a tricky spot; the years of uncontrollable behavior have finally caught up with him, and his ability to express himself freely is properly challenged.

The current Tiger year, with its strong Wood Element, is not helping either, the Wood is making him even more unhinged. He would have to apply a lot of self-control to get out of this legal trouble, but that might be difficult for him, especially if he doesn’t want to disappoint his audience, so it will be interesting to see how he navigates this situation.

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