Oppenheimer – A man with a burden

There is a special warning in BaZi teachings regarding triple Dragons. I heard several Masters saying that they should not be let in this world under any circumstances.

I’m a bit vary in such harsh claims, but when I saw Oppenheimer’s chart (the creator of the Atomic Bomb), it made me think a bit deeper about those claims.

The theory is that the triple Dragon chart can “swallow” the entire family and bring a lot of calamities. Dragon branches are usually quite powerful, and putting three together creates a mighty one-directional force.

I watched the documentary about him, and although he was an extremely brilliant scientist (more about that later), he did show a fair share of naivety. He was convinced that the atomic bomb would eventually bring Earth everlasting peace. Although he was clearly against human suffering and killing, he thought it was a necessary evil to achieve global peace. Years after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, he displayed a lot of regrets and shame about his involvement and eventually became a messenger of peace.

Oppenheimer is a Yang Fire Master Element with excessive Earth Element. On top of his chart, Yang Wood is essential; it creates a Creativity Talent Bridge, together with the Earth Element (Intellect + Output Components). This shows us that he was rather brilliant and perfect for scientific work.

The strong Output represents creativity and the people who worked for him. His coworkers loved him, but his relationship with authorities was always troubling. After the bomb was dropped, he had an infamous meeting with Harry Truman, the president of the US, which didn’t go well because Oppenheimer felt tremendous guilt. Oppenheimer spoke his mind like a true excessive Output Component type of person, a creative rebel. President Truman didn’t like that one bit, so eventually, he was kicked out of the position and unable to work in the nuclear department again. 

Oppenheimer was a highly intelligent person but also very naive and didn’t know how to play politics; therefore, he didn’t last long in the establishment.

Now, back to the Triple Dragon issue. I did notice, in my studies, that Yang Fire people, who have Dragons in their charts, tend to engage in wars (Hitler, Putin…). Tripple Dragons, in a clash against Dog, is an image of shattered Earth, and there is nothing more earth-shattering than a nuclear bomb, at least in our reality.

His bomb killed almost 200.000 people, a sad outcome of his ingenious work. Those triple Dragons have indeed indirectly “swallowed” a lot of people; therefore, I came to the conclusion that we have to take these theories and ancient legends seriously.

He undoubtedly carried a colossal burden while building the bomb and, of course, after seeing the destruction it caused. It’s interesting that he found the moral ground for his actions in Bhagavad-Gita, a book I have read repeatedly for a while now. You can read more about it here.

His chart was heavy with Earth, but in his peak fame and success, he went through a favorable Pillar, Yang Water – Monkey, that activated hidden Water resources, resulting in a highly utilized Power Component.

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