Oscars 2019 – Neil Armstrong (First Man)

During the next few weeks, we will cover top Oscar-nominated movies, analyze actors and real-life characters from nominated movies.

First Man, a movie about Neil Armstrong (Played by Ryan Gosling), is for me personally one of the best in 2018. What really thrilled me is how real all those flight scenes look and feel, you could really sense the claustrophobia, danger, and discomfort which these missions bring upon the crew.

We took a look at Neil Armstrong’s chart, to see what are the requirements for such a dangerous and exciting profession.

There are three important aspects of an astronaut job; physical fitness, intelligence, and ability to follow orders. In our research, the charts where all these three qualities are present and fully functional are rare.


Neil Armstrong is born as Yin Fire Master Element which is considered to be rather solid. Fire Element is strong in his chart, it represents a BODY Component, which means that the Yin Fire person has physical stamina. Wood is also quite solid, due to a strong bond between Pig and Goat, so this Fire Element has a good supply of Wood, which fuels the Fire. We should also add that Fire Element also represents an engine, of the car or spaceship, in this case, so he is clearly attracted to this type of jobs.


Intelligence is extremely important in this line of job. Ability to gain and process information, and react fast on them, is crucial. We saw that at the end of the movie, where he had to make a critical decision, which could get them killed or ruin the whole expedition. He reacted fast, using the information at his hands, showing an ability to think fast in a critical situation. Neil Armstrong has a very nice dynamic between his Wood and Earth element (MIND and CREATIVITY Components) which represents intelligence, ability to learn and apply knowledge in real-world situations.


Neil Armstrong has also a very close and healthy relationship with POWER Component (Water Element), which means that he can act as an authority figure, but is also able to follow orders, which is extremely important in his line of work.


We also noticed two Talents which are acting out as Supertalents, and those are Warrior and Director. In his case these two Supertalents are bringing him charisma and fame.

So, as we can see, this is one very healthy and functional chart, so no wonder that he managed to earn one of the greatest privileges in human history, to be the first man to walk on the moon.