Hal Finney – Bitcoin Pioneer or Founder?

If you study the early days of Bitcoin, a few names will pop up, and one of them certainly will be Hal Finney. Most of us heard about Satoshi Nakamoto as the founder of Bitcoin, but nobody knows who is behind that pseudonym. It could be a person, a group of people, nobody knows.

So far, the most valid theory is the one that involves Hal Finney, who was there from the early days. After Hal died in 2014, Satoshi Nakamoto stopped communicating, and there was no more activity on his Bitcoin address which has over 1 million BTC.

There are many theories, but we will entertain one that Hal Finney might be the person behind Satoshi, so we will check his chart from that perspective and see how it fits.

Please bear in mind this is just a mental exercise; a BaZi chart can’t be used as final proof, but it might tell us an interesting story.

Hal Finney was born as a Yin Metal Master Element with a diverse and well-balanced set of Elements. A Yin Metal ME producing Yang Water and combining with Yang Fire in Stems already indicates a very interesting and creative chart.

The Creativity Talent Bridge, derived between Intellect (Earth) and Output (Water), is superb here. Strong Earth (Dragon + Goat) utilizing solid Water (Yang Water + Monkey + Dragon) works perfectly, indicating very high intelligence and extraordinary creative skills.

Another interesting detail here is Yang Fire Element, which acts as a Supertalent (Useful God), bringing him influence and fame, which he definitely got, either as Hal Finney or, anonymously, as Satoshi Nakamoto.

His Wood Element (Wealth Component) is somewhat hidden, which means that money was not in his focus; his primary driving force was clearly creativity.

So from the chart perspective, this can easily be Satoshi Nakamoto’s chart, primarily due to the well-utilized Creativity Bridge, fame feature, and lack of interest in money. We will probably never know unless Satoshi proves his existence by moving some of those tokens from his address. That is the ultimate proof; everything else is highly speculative, including our BaZi-based observation.

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