The Disney’s World

When it comes to creativity in the entertainment industry, Walt Disney is practically a synonym, a creative genius who poured his heart and soul into now globally recognized characters like Mickey Mouse, Goofy, and Donald Duck.

But he wasn’t just a creative powerhouse; he also had excellent business acumen, so we decided to look into all that.

Being a Yin Fire Master Element already indicates that he was a person of ideas. There is a strong Output Component, mainly in the form of the Artist Talent. Another interesting aspect is the Pioneer Talent, telling us that he was very interested in new, groundbreaking ideas and needed constant mental stimulation, which he got mainly through his creative work. 

Metal and Water Elements are pretty strong. Fire is present but a little subdued, while Wood is hidden within the Pig branch. So this chart would have to rely on Dynamic Luck, which was quite favorable almost his entire life. Since 1920 (his young age), he has been in some form of Fire and Wood. The Fire was important for his creative process, while Wood worked well with his Metal, creating a solid Entrepreneurship Talent Bridge and, at the same time, a Creativity Talent Bridge.

Wood Element was crucial for him, and the Disney company flourished in the 1940s when he entered the Wood Goat period, which completely unlocked his Wood structure in combination with the Pig.

He died in 1966 during unfavorable Dynamic Luck, Water Snake, which created Fan Yin with his Earth Pig pillar.

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