Zhu Su – The Fallen Crypto Wunderkind

Zhu Su is not a globally known personality, but he made a name for himself within the financial, particularly the cryptocurrency world, with his name being in the headlines lately due to his involvement in the latest crypto crash.

I obtained his date of birth through some detective work and help from Twitter user Alcateer Raul. It’s hard to say whether it is accurate, but personality-wise, it’s very fitting, so I decided to run with it.


Zhu Su is a Yin Metal Master Element, a feeble one due to a strong counterpressure from Wood and Fire Element. This tells us that his most useful Element is Metal.

This leads us to the first clue, the name of his company, Three Arrows Capital. An arrow is a sharp object which has a close resemblance to the nature of Yin Metal, the Element that he needs the most. Three arrows represent a metal partnership, so either he has excellent intuition and has chosen a name that supports him, or he got advice from a BaZi master, which is quite likely considering that he lives in Singapore, where getting advice from a BaZi master is a common thing.

Yin Metal people are usually known for their brilliance, especially if a Water Element accompanies it. Zhu Su has Yin Water next to his Yin Metal, making it bright and highly functional. His Yin Water acts as an Artist Supertalent, further emphasizing his brilliant intelligence and clarity of thought.


Here we can see how weak his Metal is compared to Wood and Fire Elements. Wood is Wealth Component for a Yin Metal Master Element, so he naturally puts a lot of focus on it. Fire Element represents his influence and brings him a lot of charisma. Earth is not very important for a Yin Metal,  which needs purity and clarity, while Earth can bring unnecessary muddiness. He needs more Metal and Water for better chart utilization.


The dominant Element in his chart is Yin Wood (situated within the Rabbit branch). This Yin Wood represents a Pioneer Talent for him. An excessive Pioneer Talent, like in his case, means a person who is prone to risks and requires constant physical and mental stimulation. They get bored and depressed relatively quickly if they don’t get enough stimulation. Zhu Su is known for his aggressive, high-risk, high-stakes approach to trading and investing, so I’m not surprised to see this particular Talent dominating his personality.


I mentioned that the most valuable Elements for him are Metal and Water. Since 2016 he has been in a Metal / Rat Dynamic Luck that provides him with both Elements, making his chart highly functional and able to utilize his Wealth (Wood Element) and Power (Fire Element). His chart is currently in peak performance, despite temporary setbacks.


So what happened in 2022? His chart doesn’t like additional Wood because that’s the Element that is already excessive. 2022 is a year of Yang Water / Tiger, Tiger brings strong Yang Wood, enforced by Yang Water at the top, so this Yang Wood is powerful and is acting as a disturbing force here.

Wood is Wealth Component for the Yin Metal Master Element, and when Wealth is excessive, it can cause financial debts, which is exactly what happened to him. Zhu Su was always handling a lot of debt because that’s the nature of his chart (excessive Wood). He handled that debt through extensive partnerships, hence Three Arrows. An alliance of Metals helped him to utilize excessive Wood. But then Tiger arrived and pushed that debt beyond control. The issue might continue further in 2023, when we enter Rabbit year, bringing more Yin Wood and further debt issues.

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