Roaring Kitty

Roaring Kitty, the online alias of Keith Gill, became a pivotal figure during the GameStop stock surge in early 2021. Gill, an amateur investor, shared his bullish analysis of GameStop on YouTube and Reddit’s WallStreetBets under the pseudonyms Roaring Kitty and DeepFuckingValue. He argued that GameStop was undervalued and heavily shorted by institutional investors, presenting a significant investment opportunity.

His analysis and enthusiastic promotion of GameStop garnered a large following of retail investors. In January 2021, this collective buying effort triggered a massive short squeeze, causing GameStop’s stock price to soar from about $20 to over $400 per share at its peak. This unprecedented event led to substantial losses for hedge funds that had bet against the stock.

The phenomenon drew widespread media attention and sparked debates about market manipulation, the power of retail investors, and the influence of social media on financial markets. Gill was even called to testify before Congress, defending his actions as a genuine investment strategy rather than market manipulation. The Roaring Kitty phenomenon highlighted the shifting dynamics of stock trading, showcasing the impact of online communities and the democratization of financial markets.

Keith Gill was born as a Yin Water Master Element. Yin Water people are usually gentle, soft-speaking souls, and if you watch his live streams, you will see how that is truly the case with Keith, with his slightly goofy online performance.

His chart is rather interesting. As a Yin Water ME, he is extremely weak, surrounded by a combo of hot/dry elements of Wood, Fire, and Dry Earth. The Fire element represents money for him, and he has a lot of Yin Fire (Pioneer Talent), symbolizing the speculative side of money, making him naturally inclined toward volatile financial markets.

Yang Wood is also prominent in his chart, representing Performer Talent, which indicates his rebellious nature. This is evident in how he made his name by rallying masses of retail investors to challenge the financial establishment and protect GameStop, a company he believed was unfairly targeted by big financial institutions.

Given the weak Yin Water and the overwhelming counter elements, one might wonder about the secret to his success. The clues lie in his Dynamic Luck. Since 2015, Keith has been in a Rooster period, delivering him solid Yin Metal, which strengthens his Yin Water and mitigates some of the heat from the other elements. This period establishes an Entrepreneurship Talent Bridge (Intellect+Wealth or Metal+Fire).

This transition provided him with a significant power boost, enhancing his ability to use his intellect to rally the masses and make smart trading decisions. The Yin Metal not only fortified his otherwise weak Yin Water but also helped balance his chart, allowing him to leverage his talents effectively. This period of favorable Dynamic Luck coincided with his rise to prominence and his successful navigation of the financial markets, leading to the extraordinary success and fame he achieved during the GameStop phenomenon.

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