Do Kwon – The Fall Of A Creative Genius

Do Kwon is a charismatic founder of Terra blockchain. This crypto project experienced massive turbulence a few months ago, resulting in more than $40 billion in direct losses and many more billions of indirect damage across the financial sector.

When a founder is very vocal, engaged with the public, and users identify him with the project, then this person’s destiny will significantly influence the project they are associated with. We looked into his chart, trying to figure out what went wrong in his case.


Do Kwon is a Yin Earth Master Element, with Wood and Metal Elements being the most dominant in his chart. Metal represents an Output Component, while Wood represents Power Component. These two Components create an excellent Leadership Talent Bridge, indicating that he has superb commanding abilities.

Strong Output means that he is rebellious and has no problem speaking his mind, but that character trait can also put him in trouble if left unchecked.


There is an interesting dynamic between his Yang Fire and Yin Metal; they attract each other. Such a smooth combination of the Intellect Component (Fire) and Output Component  (Metal) represents strong intellectual, learning, and creative abilities. 


As we can see, his chart is superb, making him qualified for his role, so the question is, what went wrong in 2022? The key is in his monthly pillar, Yang Fire / Monkey. This pillar is crucial for his creativity and career (and indirectly, money).

In February 2022, we entered Yang Water / Tiger year. This pillar goes entirely against his monthly pillar. Yang Fire is in a clash with Yang Water, and Monkey conflicts with Tiger (Metal vs. Wood clash). This type of clash on the month pillar can be extremely severe. It broke many things in his chart, and most importantly, it temporarily disabled the excellent combination between Yang Fire and Yin Metal. Due to the nature and positioning of these two Elements, his image has suffered massive damage, as we have witnessed in the last couple of months.


The Monkey vs. Tiger clash is essentially Yang Metal vs. Yang Wood clash. Yang Wood represents authority to Yin Earth Day Master, so this clash also represents a clash with authorities. His best strategy would be to drag any legal issues until we are out of the Tiger year; that would improve his chances of winning any impending lawsuit. Any legal actions taken from his side will face a lot of headwinds until we enter the Rabbit year in February 2023.


Despite all the troubles, his 10-year Dynamic Luck is still favorable. Since 2020 he has been in a Yin Water / Snake period. Snake brings Fire and utilizes his Metal Element within the Monkey, reinforcing his creativity. Yin Water brings him Wealth Component, supporting his money luck.

So overall, his chart is of a high grade, well utilized, and once he is out of this unfavorable Tiger year, he should be back on track with his creative work.

The project or company cannot be separated from a founder or a CEO, especially when that person has a crucial influence on the community and developers. His problematic destiny moment could have been reduced, though, simply by going low profile and letting others take the spotlight until his chart situation improves.

This case shows again how critical and powerful BaZi analysis is. A single BaZi advice could have significantly reduced that $40 billion meltdown and saved thousands of people from bankruptcy or severe loss of wealth. But the big question is if somebody even told him about the potential issue, whether he would act on that information or stick to his way of doing things. Do Kwon has a high-quality chart, which is where his confidence comes from, but every chart has a weak point that eventually gets triggered.

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