Steve Jobs – A Temperamental Genius

Steve Jobs is the founder of Apple and one of the most famous people in the tech industry. He was known for his creative ideas, willpower, and harsh temperament. Here we look into his Talent Blueprint to see how it all worked. 


Steve Jobs is a Yang Fire, born at the beginning of the Wood season when Fire elements start to get stronger; therefore, we qualified his Master Element as strong, in the optimum range. Having a Master Element in the optimum range fulfills the primary condition for having a well-functioning chart.

Yang Fire people are known for their ability to develop big visions and be extremely persistent in pursuing their goals. You can read more about Yang Fire here.


Earth is the most vital element in his chart, while Wood is solid. Therefore, Wood can keep excessive Earth elements under control.

The Fire element is in a healthy range, and generally, it is unnecessary to increase or decrease it. The Fire element provides a good bridge between Wood (Fire burns Wood, and burned Wood turns into Earth). Wood and Earth create a Creativity Talent Bridge, indicating high creativity and learning skills.

The weak elements are Metal and Water and should be increased. Water is needed to support Wood and also reduce the Element of Earth. The Metal element is required to support the Water and act as an output for strong Earth.

This chart needs the Metal element for balance. Later we will explain how Metal, when it arrives, improves the chart, making it more utilized.


His chart’s most dominant and driving force is the Output Component, specifically Artist Talent, which runs the show.

As the name implies, the Artist Talent is the most artistic of all Talents. Therefore we can draw a parallel between this Talent and his focus on quality and art regarding computers and other devices he produced at Apple. The entire Talent is a bit too strong; therefore, it might often react to its negative traits, such as putting extreme demands on people who work for him. When Output Component is excessive, people can be drama queens or act like nobody understands their genius. Excessive Output can also act out through rebellious behavior, which was one of his driving forces, especially in the early ages when he was going against almighty IBM.

The second most substantial Component is Intellect, with a perfect mixture of Analyzer and Philosopher Talents, giving him an analytical mind and the ability to understand matters philosophically.

His weakest Component is Wealth, which affects his management skills. Famously known, people management was never a Steve Jobs’ strength, mainly because his focus was on learning and creative process, two driving forces in his chart.

This problem with people is also connected with a lack of diplomatic skills, which is related to the Power Component, which is also very weak in his chart.


From 2001 to 2010, he had the most tremendous success with Apple. During this time, he was going through a solid Metal period. In this period, his Wealth Component, which was very weak originally, kicked in quite strongly, bringing altogether better balance and much better money luck. It helped him run Apple not just as a creative person but also as a highly effective CEO, able to take care of all aspects of the business, including those who worked for him.

During these ten years, when his chart was in peak operating mode, Apple came out with iPod, iPhone, and iPad. These three revolutionary devices made Apple the most valuable company in the world.

If he didn’t have this “lucky” period in his chart, he probably would have never returned to Apple, and those devices might have looked much different today without him being involved in the creative process.


The critical combination in Steve Jobs’ chart is a very solid Intellect Component, which allowed him to collect and analyze information. On the other hand, he had a solid and healthy Output Component, which allowed him to pack that knowledge into beautiful and valuable products. Due to the imbalance of his chart, his harsh mentality was causing him problems. However, once he entered a favorable period, everything fell into place, and he could thrive creatively, leaving one of the most significant marks in tech history.

Or, as he would prefer, he made a dent in the universe. But as we can see, the universe gave a bit of a helping hand as well 🙂

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