Governor Cuomo – Bully or a victim?

Pat Arnow, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Following politics these days is tough; there is so much disinformation, dishonesty, and corruption that it is hard to distinguish truth from lies and propaganda. It’s happening on both sides of the political aisle in almost every country.

Due to the power of social media, every story gets distorted very quickly. So when we read the daily news, unless we are trained to recognized filters and propaganda, we will most likely fall for false information.

So when it comes to New York governor Andrew Cuomo’s situation, again, we are faced with the same issue; it’s difficult to recognize who speaks the truth or whether the truth is distorted in some way. There used to be an unwritten law in the old days that everybody is innocent until proven guilty. But in today’s world, with social media amplifying everybody’s opinions, once you are accused, you are almost instantly proven “guilty” before the legal process even began. The system we have now is closer to the witch-burning process in the 15th century than to a modern and just legal system.

Andrew Cuomo is going through the same process after being accused by several women of sexual harassment. We will look into his chart and see what kind of clues we can find.

Please bear in mind, the chart cannot tell us whether somebody is guilty or not, but it could show us tendencies, like in the case of Joe Biden, which we analyzed a few months ago.

Cuomo is born as Yang Water Master Element, with Water Element being extremely strong, even excessive. He is currently going through the Wood Snake phase, which is quite good because those two Elements, Wood and Fire, utilize his Water and Metal quite well. There is a Fan Yin between Metal Pig month and the current Dynamic Luck, Wood Snake, which might add some instability to his career.

Andrew Cuomo is known for his exceptional communication skills, which got into the spotlight during the pandemic when he was regularly on the stage informing the public about the situation. He was so effective as a communicator that he even got an Emmy Award for that, which is an unusual choice, considering that he is a politician, not an actor. This skill comes mainly from his Communicator Supertalent, in the form of Yin Fire. This Yin Fire is super important for his chart; it has a significant balancing role; therefore, it acts as Supertalent.

The Yin Fire, on the other hand, is also a source of his current problems. Yin Fire Element is very weak, and it represents women in his case. That means that from his perception, he sees women as weak or easy to manipulate. Or he attracts weak women; that is also a possible scenario. He is a strong Yang Water, supported by Metal Element; therefore, it’s easy for him to play a dominant role when around women. On the other hand, women also probably perceive him as a dominant personality. Whether he actually did something illegal, that is hard to say, but perception is important, so it could be that women felt threatened, and they experienced that as harassment.

It could be that Governor Cuomo was not aware of his power (unlikely, though), and from his perspective, he might think that he did nothing inappropriate. It’s hard to say where the line is, so it’s better to leave such decision to the courts. The chart obviously shows a tendency to dominate women, but that’s pretty much all we can say at this point.

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