Kim’s Wealth

David Shankbone [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

In the last 10 years, a boom of social media gave birth to a whole suite of new kind of jobs, one of them being a professional influencer. The influencers don’t have a particular job title, they are not actors, singers or politicians, but still, their skills are highly needed these days. 

Nobody represents this phenomenon better than Kim Kardashian, an online influencer who managed to monetize her fame better than any other person before, seemingly without showing some particular skill, except good looks.

Emphasis on seemingly.

Many people are annoyed that such individuals can gain so much power and wealth, thinking that their work has no value, but what they don’t understand is that we are living in a new paradigm. The old advertising model which sustained media and brands for decades is slowly dying, and these influencers are becoming their prime tools to reach the audience, especially younger generations. Kim is able with a single tweet or Instagram post reach millions of people, and that kind of social impact is very valuable for brands and media. 

Many might think that Kim Kardashian got wealthy only because of her good look and by dating and marrying influential people, but let’s see whether that narrative is true.

Is Kim Kardashian just another talentless beauty?

Kim Kardashian is a Yin Fire Master Element, and a very strong one too. She has solid Wood support which represents Intellect Component, and Earth Element acting as Output. This combination represents a highly intelligent, creative person. There is a combo of Wood, Fire and dry Earth which acts as one unit, and this combo is controlling Metal Element, which represents Wealth Component to her. This dynamic tells us that her siblings and her mother are helping Kim to acquire wealth, which in her case is very much true. She became famous and influential with her family-centered reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

The dynamic between Wood and Metal, supported by strong Fire, tells us that she is indeed an entrepreneur, with a natural ability to create wealth. The chart works superbly due to its high capacity to control and use Metal Element.

A strong Competitor Talent tells us that she is highly competitive too, especially with her siblings. Competitor Talent also represents an ability to gain large numbers of followers and devoted fans. These fans make her strong and influential. The strong competitiveness gave her also an edge to attract powerful men, which just adds to her own power.

On top of all this, since 2005 an additional Water Element is acting as Supertalent, bringing her charisma and fame.

As we can see, in the case of Kim Kardashian it’s clear that she has some superb qualities, her success is not surprising at all. She is intelligent, business-minded, creative and influential, and she knows how to use those skills. Her look, of course, did help, but it wasn’t the key ingredient for her financial success. The look gave her a direction, something to work with.



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