Princess Diana – The candle in the wind

Today is 20 years since the sudden death of beloved Princess Diana, probably the most famous royal person of our time.

Diana was born as a Yin Wood person, which represents the gentle nature of a plant. She had a very strong combo of Fire and Earth element, solid Metal and Wood and non-existing Water element.

If we look at her Five Elements chart, we will notice that 85% of it is warm. Either producing Fire (Wood) or is the result of Fire (Earth). So naturally, she needed Water and Metal elements to keep things balanced. These two elements are able to exhaust excessive Fire and Earth.

Things functioned for her quite well while she was young and supported by strong Metal presence. Her image was very strong due to good element constellation. A period between 1972 and 1982 was especially good, where her charisma and authority came out strongly, and this is the period when Prince Charles noticed young Diana and instantly fell for her.

Next 10 years were manageable but things totally fell apart from 1992, when she entered a strong combination of Earth and Fire, throwing her chart completely out of balance. There was no help of Metal element anymore to cool things down. This imbalance involved husband, lover and various scandals around relationships. Things were simply out of her hand and she was driven by passion and emotions, one of the strongest traits of the excessive Fire element.

We won’t delve into details why and how her accident happened, we want to keep these posts light. Such events are complex and involve destinies from many other people.

Princess Diana was a passionate woman, who spoke her mind. Generally, for a Yin Wood woman with strong Fire and weak Metal is not easy to have good relationships. She was simply too strong for Prince Charles. During the Metal period this was somehow still holding together, but once the Metal lost its power, her relationship went downhill.

If they knew about this problem they could avoid a lot of pain by simply spending more time away, giving more breathing space to each other. It could be that Charles was suffocated by her strong personality and drive, and couldn’t handle her. She needed a strong man, but her destiny was unstable to get a proper relationship, and driven by her passion and strong emotional desires, she died way too early.

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