Water Rabbit Year

Around the 4th or 5th of February is the time when we enter the new Chinese year, based on the BaZi calendar. After Water Tiger last year, 2023 will be “governed” by a Water Rabbit; to be exact, it will be a Yin Water Rabbit pillar. The Rabbit branch is pure Yin Wood, and Yin Water on the top means that this Yin Wood is well nourished. 

In one way, Water Tiger and Water Rabbit are quite similar, both are based on Water and Wood, but one is Yang, and the other one is Yin, so they do tend to affect us slightly differently.

Roosters will have to be exceptionally careful this year, whether you have it in a year, month, day, or hour pillar. If Yin Water Element is useful for your chart then the severity of the clash might be reduced, but if Yin Water is causing further trouble, like, for example, meeting Yin Fire, then things can get messy.

The worst possible scenario is the Yin Fire Rooster pillar in your chart meeting Yin Water Rabbit, this is what we call a Fan Yin, and it can bring a lot of disturbances.

In the case that you have a clash, other branches can help out and act as a cure. When it comes to Rooster vs. Rabbit, those cures can be Dragon or Dog because they form a combination and can lure one side of the clash away.

Rabbit creates harmony with the Pig and Goat, so if you have those branches in your chart, the effect might be quite positive, but it depends on the overall chart setup.

Wood Element, in general, represents knowledge, information, and books (digital and paper). Last year we saw a major shift in the world of information with Elon Musk buying Twitter. Twitter is defacto now a pulse of society; it’s where the news arrives first and is slowly becoming a media hub, which is a Wood domain.

This year as well we are seeing a huge leap in the way how is information delivered and organized through Artificial Intelligence projects like ChatGPT, so we can expect a lot more progress in this field in 2023, supported by Rabbit / Wood energy.

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