Find your passion

People come to me almost every day, asking for advice, to tell them what they should do, what career they should pursue, what kind of business they should build and in which branch, or what kind of men/women they should look for. I have to say, I’m always hesitating to go into such analysis, mostly because I find it pointless.

A BaZi expert can tell you many things, but it can’t provide you with goals, passion and inner drive, this is something you have to develop by yourself. This is also a reason why I rarely do relationship analysis because most people who ask me for that are expecting from relationships to fix all their problems. No, it won’t.

If you have goals and inner drive than the right man or woman will come. Relationships are the results of our inner drive, shouldn’t be a goal. The universe will not give you a partner unless you have some job which requires a partner, whether is raising kids, building a business, teaching people etc. A quality relationship needs a purpose, beyond love and sex, otherwise, it becomes stagnant.

After years of learning, analyzing and consulting I realized that I enjoy the most to work with people who are already driven, and have their goals more or less set, but they need some further clarity. Working with them is much easier than with somebody who doesn’t have a reason to get up in the morning.

I often get a question like, oh, I don’t have enough Wood Element, should I work in Wood industry? It doesn’t really matter. Ask yourself first, what YOU would like to do, what drives YOU? Once you discover your inner drive then we can see how to use chart information to make your path easier. Connecting with your feelings and inner consciousness is essential in order to achieve success in life. If you just blindly follow what other people tell you to do, you won’t be happy, and certainly, you won’t be successful.

Now, don’t get me wrong, this is not a rant, I like helping people, regardless of their situation, but please, do some homework and soul searching before you ask experts to help you. Meditate, exercise, eat healthy food, detoxify yourself, spend time with your friends and family and sincerely ask them for help and guidance, without ego or shame. Once you do that, and you get a rough idea of what you would like to do in life, then you can contact your BaZi expert and ask for guidance. 

I will be happy to assist.


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