Fire Element – The Life of the Party

Undoubtedly, all five Elements are equally important, but Fire is one Element that often sticks out and is easily recognizable in the person’s character.

Fire is connected to the heart and, further, to feelings of love and joy.

People who lack Fire Element are usually shy and don’t like initiating conversation or socializing. Of course, there are exceptions to this, some people can be extremely lively even without Fire, but as a general rule, Fire is the Element most associated with communication and socializing.

In relationships, it’s good to have at least one person with a solid Fire element, to keep the relationship lively. If they both lack Fire, they might feel like they need outside help to initiate a sparking conversation or to push them into adventures. If both people lack Fire, they should engage in activities promoting Fire, such as cooking, dancing, singing, or playing music.

If both people have a lot of Fire, this can create a tiresome outcome, where they compete for attention, fight for the spotlight, and eventually drive each other crazy.

A healthy amount of Fire makes us more social and more communicative, but if the Fire is excessive, it might result in the opposite; we might find interactions with other people exhausting. The act of socializing creates even more Fire, and if we have it in excess, we might prefer to be alone or in a small, private company.

Excessive Fire also represents a heart weakness, which might result in chronic depression and anxiety; regular relaxations would be highly beneficial for them.

In the case of weak Fire, the person will have to push themselves into situations where they have to talk to people; such activity is highly beneficial for their heart.

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