Chinese New Year – Earth Dog

Hi everybody, long time no see, I know 🙂

I would like to apologize for neglecting this blog; it seems Ox month had quite an impact on me, reducing my weak Fire almost to zero, which caused massive writing blockage, and general low productivity, while demand from our users grew significantly larger.

Maybe you don’t know, but new, Dog year, started on 4. February, so we are now officially out of Rooster year. Traditionally, Chinese celebrate New Year sometimes between 15th January and 15th February, but astrologically, and for birth chart analysis purposes, Chinese New Year always starts around 4th or 5th February. This is the time of year when the reign of Water Element ends, and we enter the Wood period.

So, we are now in Dog year, precisely, an Earth Dog. So what does it mean?

The Dog itself is a combination of robust Yang Earth and solid Yin Fire, with a small amount of weak Yin Metal. We usually call Dog a dry Earth, because of this combination of Fire and Earth. On top of this, it’s an Earth Dog, which means the emphasis on Earth is quite big this year.

Earth element represents stability, trust, and loyalty, but with occasional eruptions of Fire, something like a volcano.

If you are a Yang Wood or Yin Wood Master Element, Earth will represent WEALTH Component.

If you are a Yang Fire or Yin Fire Master Element, Earth will represent CREATIVITY Component.

If you are a Yang Earth or Yin Earth Master Element, Earth will represent BODY Component.

If you are a Yang Metal or Yin Metal Master Element, Earth will represent MIND Component.

If you are a Yang Water or Yin Water Master Element, Earth will represent POWER Component.

What is also important is the strength of your chart and overall balance between elements. So for example, if your chart has a lot of Water element, Earth Dog will be highly beneficial because it will challenge the Water and push it into work mode.

If your Water element is fragile, this excessive Earth will diminish it even further and put the chart into negative mode.

If you have a lot of wet Wood (Strong Wood in combination with solid Water), the Earth influence will be positive. If you have a dry Wood (strong Wood with solid Fire and no Water), the Dog will very likely create a strong Fire & Earth combo, making the chart too hot, which is not good.

If you have a dry and weak Metal, which means that you have no Water at all in your chart, Dog’s hot Earth might break that Metal, making it dysfunctional.

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