2019 – The year of the Earth Pig

On 4th of February, exactly at 11:14, we are officially entering the year of Earth Pig. As many of you know, each animal comes in five different combinations, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. These combinations repeat every 60 years, which means the last time we had Earth Pig was in 1959. A long time ago, indeed. And this is the beauty of BaZi, we all get to experience only once or twice particular combination in our lifetime, making sure that life is never boring.

The last year, the Earth Dog, was particularly heavy, with its excess of Earth Element. We noticed that a lot of people had relationship issues, mostly caused by Earth Dog’s heavy, and bit depressing influence.

Earth Pig is quite different, and although there is some Earth, the Water Element is the most dominant energy in 2019. So those people who have a lot of Earth will be quite lucky this year. Pig is seen in the analysis as moving energy (in contrast to Dog’s static energy) so things will be quite different this year.

Generally speaking, all Yang Wood and Yin Wood Master Elements, who lack Water, will have quite a good year. Earth represents Wealth Component to them, while Water supports ME, providing stability to obtain that Wealth. If Yang or Yin Wood ME have too much Water already, then things might not be very smooth. For Wood ME Pig’s Water represents Mind Component

Yang Fire and Yin Fire ME, if strong, will benefit from the cooling effect of the Pig, but if weak, will be more troubling. For Fire ME Pig’s Water represents Power Component.

Yang Earth and Yin Earth ME, if strong, will benefit from Pig’s water. If weak, it might wash them away, causing troubles. For Earth ME Pig’s Water represents Wealth Component

Yang Metal and Yin Metal, if strong, Pig’s Water will act as output, which is good, but if weak, Pig will make them even weaker. For Metal ME Pig’s Water represents Creativity Component

Yang Water and Yin Water, if already strong, Pig’s Water might not be very useful. If weak, it will be very beneficiary. For Water ME Pig’s Water represents Body Component

So, that would be a general overview, but of course, to draw proper conclusions one has to check the exact chart, look for combinations, clashes, harms etc. To see how strong your Master Element is please contact us over the CHAT and we will give you a brief overview.