The Fabric of the Universe

Since young age I was interested in human behavior, wondering what makes us tick and why we make certain decisions or choose certain paths. Most of us have a habit of observing and judging other people, but when it comes to self-reflection, we are mostly in total darkness. It’s so easy to see on others how they are making wrong decisions and that they will face clear consequences very soon. But the truth is, we, as observers, do similar mistakes all the time, but we are unable to see them.

When I started working, at age 19, I had a chance to observe people who were much older and experienced than me. I liked the idea of a role model, somebody I could follow, who might be able to help me to choose the right path, if there is such thing. But very soon I realized that most of the time these experienced teammates are focusing on other people, judging their bad choices, being pretty much unable to see their flaws and blind spots. And even if they could see them, they would spend a great amount of energy on covering them. So after almost eight years of my “research”, I realized that they have not much to offer concerning life guidance.

I quit my job and took a different path. Started to research Buddhism, Taoism, and after a long search, I stumbled on Five Element and BaZi method. After just a few weeks of interaction with people who had great knowledge about eastern wisdom, my mind got blown away.

The world around us seems so solid, materialistic, and although we have developed various types of religions and spiritual activities, it’s hard to imagine how it all works, the good and evil, good behavior and bad behavior. When I started to learn about Five Elements, I realized that this is the mechanism, this is how the spiritual part of the world is communicating and steering the physical part of our existence. When we are born into this world, we carry karma, a set of tasks, tools, credits, debts, and obligations which are attached to us. We earned karma in previous life, while in next life we continue our journey with the new game plan. The game plan is written with Five Elements, in the form of a birth chart. Five Elements act as the fabric of the universe, making sure that we humans are on the path of continuous development and evolution.

Many people complain or get depressed when they hear some bad features about their charts. The truth is, those obstacles are given to us with purpose, to finish the job, or to pay the debts from a previous life. Once we realize this, dealing with bad chart and bad destiny gets far easier. I always say to my clients, if you have a problem, and you are very much aware what is the nature of that problem, using Five Elements methodology, this problem is already 50% solved. The other 50% you have to work it out. If you don’t know what is causing the problem, we spend life blaming others and acting as victims, resulting in very little learning; therefore we pay very little of our debts back, resulting in more difficult life and greater suffering.

Human suffering is, unfortunately, a part of this life game, but with little bit more understanding, we could reduce the suffering and speed up our development. I find Five Element a crucial piece of information, a type of guidance which can ease our pain and give us understanding that everything we do has a purpose and closure, and it adds up to something greater than us.

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