There is no need to despair over your bad BaZi chart

Since I started learning about BaZi, consulting and teaching others, I faced many times the ultimate question, what should I do if my BaZi chart is bad? Am I doomed?

Have to admit, it’s hard to accept when you realize that a wrong date and time of birth has so much influence over your life. If the chart is especially bad, some people often go into serious despair about it.

I remember realizing for the first time some major flaws in my chart. It took me several weeks, even months, to accept them. We hear all the time, from various gurus, that we are in control of our lives, that we can be whatever we want, which is essentially true, but it is not that simple. People have certain limitations, determined by date and time of birth, but also parents genetic, but that’s another story.

It took me some time to come at peace with my flawed chart, mostly by realizing that behind every chart and human being there is a purpose.

Once you learn more about your chart, its dynamics, and its flaws, you are reminded every day that you lack something that maybe others have, but also that you have something others don’t. I imagine BaZi charts as a piece of software which needs to be utilized and compatible with other software. So for example, if you have a chart with too much Metal Element, and you lack Fire to utilize it. You can team up with somebody who has Fire and build something together.

This is why relationships and business partnerships are so important. Our partners are able to provide us with what we need, and at the same time, we can provide what they need. Once you put these two softwares together, you get a much larger system, which can do far more than two individuals on their own.

The key to overcoming our chart weaknesses is to be open for possibilities, meet people, do things, fail repeatedly, and in this process, you will learn more about yourself, what you need. You will be more clear about your strengths and weakness so that you can find that missing piece which can finally complete you.

Relaxation and meditation, like those you can find on our Mind Hero app, can also provide tremendous help in balancing our charts. By relaxing we balance our energy and are able to smooth those rough edges, making our interactions with other people easier. A bad chart usually creates a muddiness in our mind, we become unsure about our goals and needs, but with relaxation, we can gain that much-needed clarity.

Regardless of how bad your chart looks like, there are people out there who need what you have, therefore, don’t waste time feeling sorry about yourself, work on improving whatever skills you have, take care of your physical and mental health, eat healthy, and watch incredible things unfolding in front of you.