The Rise of Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift dropped a new single, so we took the chance to check her chart, swiftly!

Her creative force is strong (very high 35% in our charts), it’s definitely her main driving force.

But for us somehow the most interesting feature in her chart is the Competitor Talent which holds a very prominent position in her character. This is the feature which makes her fearless, ready to go to war against anybody, anytime (like for example Spotify case, where she went against the entire music industry, so typical for Competitor Talent!).

This same feature has Kanye West and Trump’s foe, Steve Bannon, it represents people who see enemies and injustice everywhere, and are looking for a good fight most of the time.

This is not such bad talent as it sounds, in our research we found out that over 90% of top sports people have this talent. It gives you an edge over an opponent, but if it goes out of control then the person can be reckless. In her case, it’s pretty much under control, so it will show positive traits most of the time.

Regarding her momentum, she entered strong Philosopher Talent last year, and this Talent is able to provide a healthy control over her Artist Talent. This means that her creativity and image is well planned, and cleverly executed. She has a good period ahead, she will strive.

Also an interesting piece of information, in her fight against others it is never about money, it’s mostly about justice (here is where strong Warrior Talent kicks in). Her Wealth is on 6%, it doesn’t mean that she is poor, just that money is never her main focus.

Oh, and one more thing, there is this thing going with snake emojis and Taylor Swift. Nothing strange, kids game, if not for the fact that Taylor Swift is Snake in Chinese horoscope!

Coincidence? We don’t think so.

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