Britney’s troubles

I’ve been reading lately about Britney Spears’ psychological troubles and apparent control which her parents legally imposed on her.

She is a Yang Wood Master Element, born in winter, which means that her Water Element is strong. Water represents her mother, and is not auspicious because her chart is too cold, she needs Fire. Therefore we could say that her relationship with her mother is troubling and not very beneficiary for Britney.

Her day and month pillars are quite interesting and do explain a lot about the whole situation. The month pillar consists of Yin Earth and Yang Water (within the Pig branch), and they are both combining with her Yang Wood Tiger pillar. These two stems and two branches are one unit, almost inseparable, and that is causing the issue here.

For a Yang Wood female, Yin Earth represents father, while Yang Water represents mother. The month pillar also represents her career. All this tells us that her father and mother are entirely in control, of her career and money, and also can manipulate with her relationships to a certain extent. She is entirely in their power, and it harms her because Yang Wood is too strong; such combination means that she has pent up energy which she is not able to release, which can cause psychological issues, amongst other problems.

Weak Fire Energy is also problematic here. Fire represents an Output Component or voice for Yang Wood, so because it’s weak, she has no voice to counteract against this excessive control. Apparently even her Twitter account is controlled by parents. Mother’s Yang Water is controlling her Fire. It seems to me also that mother’s influence is far more toxic than father’s.

The situation is pretty severe, and it got worse in this Pig year, which brought identical pillar as what she has in her chart, Yin Earth Pig, which means that the whole problem will escalate to a new level.

Relationships are also not very helpful for her, therefore the only way she could get better is if somebody outside her family gains control of the situation and her destiny. She is in a bad period since 2003, influenced by excessive Water and Wood, and these negative conditions will continue for at least a few more years.

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