The Rebel

From an early age, Sinéad O’Connor made clear to everybody that she would not compromise when it came to her creative freedom. She radiated a strong and genuine feminist energy, manifested in her looks, lyrics, music, and political activism.

Her need for creative freedom comes from a strong Artist and Performer Talent, represented by Element of Water. Dragon and Rat create a strong Water combination, while on the top of her chart, she has Yang Water. In combination with Yin Metal, Yang Fire produces additional Water, giving her a lot of sensuality and charisma.

She is very combative, though, and this comes from her troubling relationships with authorities (Element of Fire). Her Rat (Yin Water, creative expression) directly clashes with Horse (Yin Fire, authority). This Rat has a lot of power; it’s supported by Dragon, Ox, and Yang Water Element, so she has the upper hand when it comes to authority.

At her young age, this issue with authorities manifested through her troubling relationship with the church, which she perceived as highly abusive, for valid reasons. Hence, she developed a lot of antagonism towards that establishment in her early years.

She got married four times, clearly indicating an issue in that area. The conflict between Fire and Water Element is problematic, she naturally puts a lot of pressure on her husbands/boyfriends, and therefore her relationships don’t last.

She is also diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which is often triggered by the Competitor Talent, in her case Yang Metal, sitting right next to her Yin Metal. This might lead to an identity crisis due to the switching between Yin and Yang personalities. This also explains her tendency toward bisexuality at a young age.

At one point in her career, during the Monkey Dynamic Luck and excessive Water structure, her rebellious nature went into higher gear, resulting in a public revolt, a long-lasting career break, and a pivot towards spirituality. After many decades of struggle and fighting with authorities, she is slowly finding her peace.

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