I’ve been wanting to write an article about Amy Winehouse for quite some time, but felt I needed a better understanding of her circumstances before tackling such an iconic figure. The recent biopic, Back to Black, provided valuable insights into her career development and, more importantly, the relationship troubles and addictions that ultimately took a toll on her life.

Amy Winehouse was born as a Yin Wood Day Master, which inherently signifies a creative, adaptable, and often nurturing person. However, her Yin Wood was not particularly strong. In BaZi, the strength of the Day Master is crucial in determining how well an individual can handle life’s challenges and harness their potential. Amy’s chart reveals a decent amount of Water Element, which typically would nourish the Wood Day Master, providing support and strength. Water represents resources and intellect, contributing to her sharp mind and deep emotional intelligence, essential traits for a songwriter.

However, Amy’s chart also had a significant presence of Metal Element. Metal in BaZi can be a source of pressure and conflict for Wood. In her case, a Snake (Si) and Rooster (You) combination, along with Yin Metal (Xin) at the top of her chart, created a situation where the supportive Water was semi-dysfunctional. This imbalance brought considerable trouble and instability into her life.

The Role of Fire in Amy’s Chart

Amy’s chart contained a solid amount of Fire Element linked to her Performer and Artist Talent. Fire represents the Output Component, which governs creativity and self-expression. This abundance of Fire bestowed her with a rebellious nature and a strong inclination toward artistic pursuits. The combination of Water (Intellect) and Fire (Output) formed a Creativity Talent Bridge, a dynamic blend that is particularly advantageous for songwriters, enabling her to convey profound emotions through her music.

Relationship and Emotional Turmoil

One of the critical issues in Amy’s chart was the presence of the Snake branch (Si). The Snake brought the vital Fire Element, crucial for her artistic expression and emotional warmth. However, this Snake was attacked by two Pigs (Hai), indicating significant relational and emotional turmoil. In BaZi, clashes often symbolize conflict and instability. For Amy, this double Pig vs. Snake clash was a major source of distress. The Snake, representing her relationship palace, was continuously besieged, reflecting her well-documented struggles with her relationships, especially with Blake Fielder-Civil. Her obsession and heartbreak over Blake, who left her twice, are mirrored in this intense clash, leading to profound emotional pain.

Impact of the Pig Period (2001-2011)

The period from 2001 to 2011, although very productive career-wise, was extremely challenging for Amy, as she was in a Pig (Hai) luck cycle. This cycle exacerbated the clash with the Snake in her natal chart, creating a triple Pig vs. Snake conflict. Since the Snake also governs the heart and love (Fire Element), this period likely brought severe emotional damage, amplifying her heartache and contributing to her struggles with addiction and mental health.

Desire for a Family

Amy’s longing to have a baby, which aligns with the Fire Element in her chart (Yin Wood producing Fire), was another aspect disrupted by the intense clashes. The constant pressure and instability from the Pig-Snake clash thwarted her dreams of motherhood, adding further to her sorrow and disappointment.

The Burden of Fame

The presence of strong Yin Metal (Xin) in her chart, which represents fame and authority (Power Component), posed another significant challenge. Although fame brought her recognition and success, it also brought immense pressure and scrutiny, which she was ill-equipped to handle. This overwhelming attack from the Power Component contributed to her depression and addictions. The documentary and her biopic reveal the harmful dynamics in her life, including self-destructive behaviors and her tumultuous relationship with her husband, often manifesting as physical harm. This harmful interaction between Yin Wood (her Master Element) and Yin Metal (fame and authority) highlighted her struggles with the demands of fame and her vulnerability to mental health issues.


Amy Winehouse’s BaZi chart provides a deep insight into the complexities of her life. Her immense talent, reflected by the solid Fire Element, and her intellectual depth, indicated by Water, were continuously undermined by the overwhelming presence of Metal and the destructive clashes involving the Snake and Pigs. These elemental conflicts manifested in her troubled relationships, emotional instability, and difficulties in handling fame. Understanding these dynamics offers a poignant perspective on the pressures she faced, ultimately leading to her tragic demise.

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