Miles Davis – The King of Chaos

Been looking for an opportunity to write a post about Miles Davis for quite a while, and yesterday finally, I watched the documentary about his life.

Miles Davis had a pure Performer chart, a Yin Wood Master Element with a strong Fire Element.

People with a lot of Fire are often obsessed with visions, future, and creativity, and they don’t like to delve into history. He famously refused to play his old albums and was only interested in creating new materials.

He loved improvisation and spontaneity, which is a standard character trait of a strong Performer Talent. Performers are often street smart, they function quite well in the chaotic situation (which jazz mainly is), and they prefer learning by doing. He pushed improvisation to another level by forcing his band to perform in front of a large audience without any practice time beforehand.

He made art out of chaos.

His Philosopher Talent acted as a Supertalent, providing him songwriting skills and the ability to be tuned with his emotions, therefore expressing them through music.

The strong presence of the Competitor Talent meant that he was highly competitive, but also that he was able to gain a large number of international fans and followers.

Performer Talent made him a rebel, unable to follow orders and insisting on creative freedom, with little or no compromises at all.

His chart structure is made mainly of Fire and Wood, which means that naturally, he needed Metal for balance. His best years were between 1950 and 1970 when he was going through the Metal period, while his creativity (Fire) was fully exposed. Metal created a perfect dynamic, bringing him fame, power, money, and influence.

In the 70s, he entered a Dog period, which ignited Fire Element even further, which means his creativity erupted, like a volcano. During that period, he was going through an extremely explorative phase with his music, but such intense Fire was not sustainable. By mid of the decade, he went into depression, locking himself in the apartment, not touching his trumpet for almost five years.

Due to his rebellious and wild nature, he was also experimenting with drugs, so his health deteriorated rapidly.

In the 80s, he managed to pull a comeback, but due to the negative influence of the Earth Pig, his work and career never reached his previous heights.

Earth Pig damaged his Water Snake pillar, ruining his health and creativity. He died just a year after he came out of that heavy period, riddled with health issues.

He was a pure creative genius, and his chart clearly shows that. Unfortunately, a lack of ability to manage his health created a lot of problems for him. His creativity was unquestionably, but his entire life, he was battling with drug addiction and the inability to center himself emotionally. The Metal period brought him to balance, but once he was out of it, his life took a wild and uncontrollable route bringing him a lot of pain and suffering.

Most creative geniuses are unable to control their emotions, and unfortunately, often, they don’t seek help, mostly because they don’t want to ruin their well-polished image.

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