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Anita Pallenberg, renowned for her significant influence on The Rolling Stones and her relationships with several of the band members, had a complex and fascinating life which has been documented in the latest movie called Catching Fire: The Story of Anita Pallenberg.

Anita’s BaZi: Yin Earth Master Element

Anita Pallenberg was born as a Yin Earth Master Element. Yin Earth individuals are often nurturing, dependable, and grounded. However, an excess of Earth in her chart can also indicate stubbornness and an unwillingness to change. Earth people are known for their stability and reliability, but when there is an imbalance, it can lead to being overly rigid or stuck in their ways.

Earth Element Dominance: Stubbornness and Competitiveness

Anita’s chart shows a strong presence of the Earth element, reinforcing her stubborn nature. The presence of the Dragon, which contains Yang Earth, further intensifies these traits. Yang Earth is symbolic of mountains—solid and unyielding. The competitive nature of the Yang Earth made her headstrong and ambitious. However, Yang Earth acting as Rob Wealth in her chart can lead to issues with wealth management and temptations, including addictions. Rob Wealth can signify a tendency to take risks and struggle with stability in personal and financial matters.

The Impact of Yang Wood and Yang Water

Yang Wood, located at the top of Anita’s chart, combines with her Yin Earth Master Element, bringing a dynamic interplay to her life. Yang Wood represents growth, vitality, and charisma. This combination gave her a natural charm and the ability to attract influential people, such as the rock musicians she was famously associated with. The interaction between Yang Wood and Yin Earth suggests a magnetic personality capable of drawing others towards her and being in the limelight.

Yang Wood also signifies strong leadership and creative capabilities, which manifested in her artistic pursuits. This element gave her a magnetic personality and charisma, essential qualities for someone involved with iconic rock stars and the counterculture movement.

Yang Water at the top of her chart further complements her artistic abilities. Water symbolizes wisdom, fluidity, and communication. Acting as a Supertalent, Yang Water endowed her with artistic and communicative talents, fueling her interest in acting and her dynamic presence in the music and fashion scenes.

The Shift in 1972: Entering Yang Metal / Rat Dynamic Luck

In 1972, Anita entered a period of Yang Metal Dynamic Luck. Metal is known for its strength, precision, and clarity, but it also has a cutting quality. In this context, Yang Metal can be seen as a double-edged sword. It “chopped” her Yang Wood, severely disrupting her chart’s dynamic balance. This period marked a significant downturn in her life, bringing about challenges that affected her deeply.

The introduction of Yang Metal clashed with the Yang Wood element, which represented her charisma and the support of powerful people in her life. This clash resulted in a loss of support and increased personal struggles. The destructive interaction between Metal and Wood also exacerbated her existing issues with addiction and relationships. The turmoil during this period contributed to the breakdown of her relationship with Keith Richards, leading to their eventual separation.

Rat clashed with her Horse, affecting her Intellect Component (Fire), and making her emotionally very vulnerable. Once she was out of this troubling decade, she slowly started to recover and find her way out of addictions and the general chaos that she caused with her erratic behavior.


Anita Pallenberg’s BaZi chart reflects a life marked by intense creativity, charisma, and influence, alongside significant personal challenges. Her strong Earth element made her resilient and stubborn, while the interplay of Wood and Water elements fueled her artistic talents and magnetic personality. However, the entry of Yang Metal / Rat in 1972 disrupted her life balance, leading to increased struggles with addiction and relationship issues.

Understanding Anita’s chart offers a deeper appreciation of the complexities behind her public persona and the turbulent experiences she faced. Her life, as seen through the lens of BaZi, illustrates the profound impact of elemental interactions on an individual’s destiny.

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