The Passion of Freddie

Freddie Mercury is one of the greatest showmen in the history of rock ‘n’ roll. The frontman of Queen is known for his extraordinary voice, energetic performance, and passion which he would deliver on the stage. There are not so many people in the world who were able to control the audience as Freddie did. He was also very much driven by sex. This sexual energy was very much part of his performance, and probably the key ingredient. He was openly bisexual, had many lovers, which cost him life in the end, due to AIDS virus which he apparently got during his wild period in New York where he was visiting gay clubs.

Let’s have a look and see how this extraordinary personality reflects in his chart.

Freddie Mercury was born as Yang Water Master Element, while the Element of Fire is dominant. Fire Element on its own represents passion and desire, but in this case, it also serves as Wealth Component, with Pioneer Talent being the strongest. Pioneers are driven by passion, need for freedom and constant movement. From all the Talents, Pioneer has the most vibrant sexual energy. People with strong and out of control Pioneer Talent can often develop addictions and have multiple lovers.

Metal Element is stable but under pressure from overwhelming Fire. Metal provides support to his Yang Water and counters Fire. Earth is also solid but quite hot due to strong Fire Element.

Water is missing here, to provide some Body Component and support to his Yang Water. Freddie Mercury was going through a Water period during his most successful years, between 1976 and 1985. Once he was out of Water period, his health rapidly deteriorated. This Water element also ignited his Metal and career with it, creating a relatively good counterbalance against Fire Element. Things worked well career-wise, but emotionally and physically he was very unstable, unable to control his urges.

An interesting detail though, in his Chart the hot Yang Earth is positioned far from Yang Water, which represents considerable geographic distance. Hot Yang Earth can portray an image of a nightclub because these places are usually very dark (like the inside of the Earth) with a lot of energy (Element of Fire). Freddie Mercury loved to travel to his favorite gay nightclubs in New York and Munich. This image tells us that the source of his entertainment, and most prominent fixation, was far from his home.

At the end of his Water period he suddenly decided to leave Germany, come home and settle down, with his boyfriend, but unfortunately, at that stage, illness was already well underway.

Pioneer Talent was a driving force behind Freddie Mercury, giving him energetic and restless personality. He was able to control masses with his magnetic sexual energy, drawing millions of people to his concerts, but at the same time, it caused him many sex-related problems and addictions. As long he was in substantial Water period he was able to control Fire Element somehow, but once he was out of it, the things fell apart quite quickly and sadly.

For those who wonder about his voice capabilities, Element of Metal represents lungs and voice. Metal Element is substantial in this case, and for ten years, while in Water period, this Metal was very productive. Once he lost Water support, the voice also started to lose power; therefore he often had pain in his throat in the last stage of his career.

Freddie Mercury lived like a real bohemian, but that came with a price. He left behind an incredible body of work, with Live Aid concert at Wembley probably being the highest point for him and Queen, as a band. Many music critics claim that Queen’s 18 minutes at Wembley is the best performance in the history of rock ‘n’ roll.

So let’s enjoy it.


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